LAN launches Sri Lanka’s First Angel Fund to Invest in Local Startups Islandwide

The Lankan Angel Network (LAN) has launched Sri Lanka’s first Angel Fund, established with the support of ecosystem development partner Ford Foundation, to catalyze the growth of Sri Lanka’s startup ecosystem. A first of its kind in Sri Lanka, this Fund will be LAN’s flagship...
Posted On 11 Mar 2020

Are women risk averse or risk aware towards investment?

Stereotypical gender roles have most often kept women away from earning, managing or even spending money as they wish. Financial management has always been seen as the responsibility of the ‘man of the family’. This is at a clear economic disadvantage since the total population...
Posted On 03 Mar 2020

Land as an investment tool creates greater appeal for the affluent

Land has been a commodity that has been looked upon as an investment for generations. The general understanding is to obtain land for housing or commercial purposes. However, land purely as a tool of investment has increasingly become an area of interest. The annual increment of...
Posted On 11 Feb 2020

Investing in your future – how ATL Life’s DeerghaYOU Plus can help you enjoy a fulfilling life in your retirement

Amãna Takaful’s (ATL) DeerghaYOU Plus continues to help Sri Lankans across the country achieve greater financial freedom and independence when they retire. Saving for your future, should not be left for the later stages of your life, your golden years should be a time filled with...
Posted On 20 Jan 2020

CBH Lands encourages real estate investment

Offers well developed land for the most affordable prices It is a commonly known fact that investment in real estate can never go wrong, provided that it is done through a reliable real estate company that ensures highly developed property for the most reasonable prices,...
Posted On 04 Jan 2020

CAL to co-host the 2nd South Asia Investor Conference in Singapore

Capital Alliance Securities (Pvt) Ltd, in joint collaboration with AKD Securities, Pakistan and LankBangla Securities Ltd, Bangladesh, is set to organize the Annual South Asia Investor Conference (SAIC) on 5th November 2019 at the Four Seasons Hotel, Singapore. This is a...
Posted On 30 Oct 2019

Free Singapore tours with a MG jeep for 8 lakhs

Bonanza for the first 50 winners from Wasana and Mercantile Investment Wasana Trading (Pvt) Ltd which owns the largest vehicle yard in Sri Lanka offers a free Singapore trip winning opportunity for customers who purchase the MG SUV now in offer. The promotion which is carried out...
Posted On 30 Oct 2019

Sri Lanka’s 1st Dollar Sovereign Bond Fund poised for global Investors

Records a dollar return of 8.56% during the first half of 2019 Declining interest rates on ISBs reflect SL’s improving financial stability  Strong demand on the recent issuance of Sri Lankan International Sovereign Bonds (ISB) signals potential for a strong economic recovery...
Posted On 27 Jul 2019

CSE and SEC initiates effort to restore confidence among foreign investors

-          Sri Lankans have always indicated resilience and drive -          Focus on fiscal consolidation continues -          Macro-economic fundamentals remain in-tact -          Net foreign inflow by foreign investors since April 21 -          Market indicating attractive...
Posted On 24 May 2019

Belluna Co. Japan demonstrates confidence in Sri Lanka by investing mammoth US$450 million

In a market place replete with choice, and the growth of an ever savvier consumer base, the market today is looking for a quality product with a strong financial backing that would meet the requirements of a discerning clientele. 447 Luna Tower scores high across each and every...
Posted On 13 Mar 2019

7th Venture Engine finale hosts over 40 international investors

Venture Engine’s positive impact on Sri Lanka continues with more than 40 international investors participating at this year’s finale, with delegates in attendance from over 10 countries including India, Singapore, Hong Kong, UAE, USA, Canada and Australia. It is also...
Posted On 26 Feb 2019

The synergy of the Sanken Group makes its projects valued investments

The decision to purchase an apartment is an intensely personal, but also a critical one, as it can have lasting financial and emotional repercussions. In order that the decision proves to be wise and adds value to the investor, investing in a reliable real estate project is de...
Posted On 03 Nov 2018