25 Amana Takaful “Adhyapana” policyholders rewarded for their exceptional performance at the GCE O/L’s and Grade 5 Scholarship Exams.

Posted On 04 Feb 2018
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A solid education is valued above all, in the present society. Education indeed defines an individual and opens up many opportunities for success. It is this distinction that is sought by the schools and the parents alike for their children.

At the end of the day, the hard work and dedication of the parents and schools pay off when the ardently committed student performs academically well at their exams. To emerge as a high achiever a well-defined focus and goal orientation alongside untiring efforts remains the success formula for many.

Amana Takaful’s (ATL) “Adhyapana” policy was introduced with the intention of supporting the hard work and dedication of the students who are academically oriented; in the unforeseen circumstances leading to the demise of the parents, the education insurance policy would ensure that all expenses related to the child’s education is well taken care of. Furthermore, the policy also not only recognizes but also rewards the exceptional achievements of students with cash prizes and scholarships at the Grade 5 Scholarship Examination and G. C E O/Levels.

Fathima Rifna of Hambanthota is one such student who bagged 9 A’s at the GCE O/L examination in the year 2016, ranked number 1 in the Tamil Medium in the Hambanthota District. She hails from an ordinary family and is the second child in her family. Her father, who is a businessman, believes that this exceptional performance is the result of the dedication and hard work put in by Rifna as well as the backing received from members of the family. ATL recognized and rewarded Fathima Rifna with a scholarship, at an event held at the Zahira College, Hambanthota recently.

Furthermore, 25 “Adhyapana” Policy holders who performed exceptionally well at recently concluded 2017 Grade 5 scholarship examination were also rewarded. ATL’s “Adhyapana” is viewed as one of the ‘must subscribed’ policies, to ensure that your children get the much-needed financial backing, making their education dream a reality.

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