7 lives saved, thanks to AIA’s Poson safety programme

Posted On 14 Jul 2019
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Rescue-OperationSeven lives were saved this year, thanks to AIA’s Poson Safety Programme. Now in its 26th consecutive year, the programme aims at protecting the lives of the throngs of pilgrims travelling to Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa and Dambulla for Poson.

Every year, AIA Insurance joins hands with the Sri Lanka Police, Sri Lanka Lifesaving, the Civil Security Division and the Sri Lanka Navy in deploying lifeguards to watch over the reservoirs in the area, which are popular bathing and swimming spots. Over 200 lives have been saved due to this programme since its inception. This year a total of 540 lifeguards were deployed around 23 lakes and reservoirs, for three days straight, to protect the pilgrims.

 “I got a second chance at life” said one of rescued pilgrims, adding “I have so many plans for my future and I can’t believe I almost lost it all. I am grateful to the people who saved me and gave me back my life and future.”

“We’ve just finished the 26th consecutive year of our Poson Safety Program and we’re glad to have played a part in saving over 200 lives since its inception” said AIA’s Chief Executive Officer, Nikhil Advani. He added “A death in the family is a tragic event and we do our utmost to make sure the pilgrims remain safe through a combination of awareness programmes, on site lifeguards and warning signs all over the Anuradhapura, Dambulla and Polonnaruwa areas. We’re grateful to our partners – Sri Lanka Lifesaving, Sri Lanka Police, Sri Lanka Navy and the Civil Security Division who so enthusiastically support AIA’s Poson Safety Programme with their lifeguards each year to protect the lives of the pilgrims who visit lakes and reservoirs around the holy sites.”

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