Gifts of books to children of Sadaharitha Plantation workers

Posted On 04 Feb 2018
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Sadaharitha Plantations ended 2017 by encouraging the children of employees working in the company’s commercial forestry projects to aspire to achieve academic excellence in the new school year.   All the children from kindergarten to Advanced Level were presented with a set of stationery items appropriate for the age group. This valued CSR project was carried out for the fourth consecutive year distributing 330 sets of stationery items.

Having reached 15 years of successfully engaging in commercial forestry, with over 2000 acres of sustainable forestry lands and over 28,000 customers and 32 branch offices across the country, Sadaharitha has provided a large number of eco-friendly job opportunities for villagers who lives in the vicinity of the plantation locations in different parts of the country.  In addition to quality human resource management practices Sadaharitha is able to encourage its people to achieve personal development across all employment categories.

“We take great pride in engaging in this CSR activity that benefits our own workers, inspiring their children to aim for excellence. Whilst contributing to preserve Mother Nature, we believe we should play a supporting role for the betterment of the education of these children as they will one day become the future of this country” said the Company’s Director – People Development & Operations, Mrs. Sakunthala Nawarathne.  “We also focus strongly on paving the way for an upwardly mobile career path for those who appreciate contributing to creating a greener world” she added.

At Sadaharitha, employees are encouraged and assisted to achieve professional development. The Company volunteers to meet the entire cost or part of the fee of a diploma or postgraduate or any other accepted course at a recognized institution such as the Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing (SLIM).

Sadaharitha Plantations is the pioneer in commercial forestry in Sri Lanka carrying out extensive research and creating awareness about the advantages of investing in Agarwood project which will generate a high income within a short span of eight years. Compared to other forestry products such as Teak and Sandalwood, Agarwood is considered to be the ideal species for commercial forestry and will be a prospective export surpassing the foreign revenue from traditional exports of Sri Lanka. Agarwood is a fragrant resinous substance that is used to manufacture expensive perfumes, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals around the world.

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