HNB Finance commences a line-up of sustainability-oriented community projects

Posted On 30 Oct 2019
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HNB Finance commences a line-up of sustainability-oriented community projects

HNB Finance recently organised a series of community events at the Sri Dharmananda Primary School in Nagollagama, Kurunegala. The line-up of events included the unveiling of a drinking water filtering system as well as a tree (herbal) planting programme at the school premises.

The Company also held an art workshop followed by an exhibition displaying paintings by grade 3 and 4 students. HNB Finance gifted the young artists a valuable certificate, a ‘Yalu’ children’s savings account each in addition to a valuable gift pack at the occasion.

A host of invitees including Chief Guest Chaminda Prabhath, Managing Director/CEO of HNB Finance graced the occasion. The new drinking water filtering system was a welcome source of relief to the students and staff at the Primary School, who has long suffered from the lack of clean drinking water.

“The concept and the event line-up of this initiative stemmed from our core sustainability strategy. The water filtering system, for example, addresses a critical challenge that the students and teachers at the school used to face without ready access to safe drinking water.

By ensuring that the younger generation has clean drinking water we are creating a whole generation of students, who in turn will provide a healthier generation leading to a more sustainable and healthy society,” commented HNB Finance, Managing Director/CEO, Chaminda Prabhath.

Parallel to the World Children’s Day celebration, HNB Finance also conducted an interactive session on financial literacy and how parents can inculcate the habit of saving in children. HNB Finance has been involved in various community development projects across the island.

Prior to the World Children’s Day celebrations, HNB Finance organised an art workshop led by veteran artist Dayawansa Kumasaru at the Sri Dharmananda Primary School to offer children the opportunity to learn about the seven core elements of art; line, colour, shape, form, value, space and texture. HNB Finance provided the drawing materials used by the children during this endeavour.

Registered as a licensed Finance Company under the Finance Companies Act No. 42 of 2011 of the Monetary Board of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka, HNB Finance is a leading financial services provider. Over the years, the Company gained various international awards and recognitions and expanded its presence across the island via 48 branches and 21 service centres. The Company operates 715 ATMs nationwide. HNB Finance plays a vital role in nation-building through providing loan facilities to Small and Medium enterprise owners. In addition, the Company provides leasing, business loan, Fixed Deposits, children’s saving, housing Loan and education loan services.

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