Munchee launches ‘Tikiri Thurupath’ to mark Children’s Day

Posted On 04 Oct 2018
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Munchee, the flagship brand of Ceylon Biscuits Limited (CBL), recently launched its impactful tree-planting project, “Tikiri Thurupath”, to commemorate Children’s Day 2018 in a truly unique and different way.

Resulting in over 500 trees planted country-wide on Children’s Day, October 1, 2018, this project kicked off at the Morawaka National School in the South of Sri Lanka under the patronage of Mr. Nalin B. Karunaratne, Chief Executive Officer of Ceylon Biscuits Limited. Meanwhile, 49 other schools across the nation took part simultaneously, with the entire school community playing an active role. Interestingly, each school was encouraged to choose trees that were endemic to, or had some special relationship with, the geographical area where they were planted.

A part of the much larger Munchee Tikiri Marie “Rattata Agei Tikiri Mole” Campaign, which supports island-wide initiatives to improve the lives of Sri Lanka’s children, this Children’s Day 2018 project was also paired with a Schools Art Competition, “Kohomada Tikiri Mole”, which ran simultaneously, to create excitement about tree planting and the environment, with the 10 best art works awarded certificates while First, Second and Third ranked students, in all 50 schools, received Munchee gift hampers.

A very unique and impactful activity, especially when compared to typical Children’s Day programs, the Munchee “Tikiri Thurupath” CSR initiative also featured Munchee Field Sales  Force stepping up to ensure the trees planted on October 1 are looked after in the future. Further, Munchee has high expectations for this project, which will empower children to be more environmentally and socially conscious and responsible, along with helping bolster activities to protect the environment, resulting in many more ecological and conservation friendly efforts taking root.

Commenting on the novel Munchee “Tikiri Thurupath” CSR project, Ms. Surani Sahabandu, General Manager Marketing of Ceylon Biscuits Limited (CBL) said, “Munchee has spearheaded this unique and impactful initiative to kick off, and ramp up, conservation efforts at 50 schools island-wide. Continuing our commitment to tackling national causes, including those related to the environment, ecology and conservation, we encourage all children to play a positive role in improving their environment by taking part in projects like ‘Tikiri Thurupath’. With the help of Sri Lanka’s children, we hope that the trees planted on Children’s Day 2018 will grow to become big and strong, and ultimately support our nation’s future, both environmental and otherwise.”

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