Volunteering Youth stand up to raise awareness on Alcohol

Posted On 27 May 2018
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Rotaract Club of Wattala in collaboration with the Rotaract Club of Peace City Hatton, The Interact club of Highlands and The Interact Club of Highlevel International partnered with The Sri Lanka Narcotic Bureau to initiate ‘DISCOVERY’, an Alcohol Awareness project.


‘DISCOVERY’ succeeded in reaching out and creating interactive sessions with over 50 participants who came to witness change in their lives. Special guest speakers, Mr. Dharmakeerthy Bandaranayake Chief Inspector of Hatton and Rtr. Shan Glinton Coordinator at Prajashakthi Project were invited to join in this life changing experience and advice the youth of today on discovering alcohol addiction and the need for discipline. Just like how discovery opens your heart and mind to new experiences, be it through travel, backpacking, going to school or setting your goals on your dream career and continuing to grow in it, Sobriety is also a discovery to a whole new life experience. A road we all can take in the hope of a better life style.


Participants were given feedback forms with questions such as:


1) Can I stop drinking step by step?

2) Can I decrease my drinking from today?

3) Can I do this program for youth in the future?

4) Share this message with friends & family?

5) Continue this program in various places?


The sessions focused on Liquor addiction and its negative effects in the short and long-term that affects a person’s physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Participants were advised that if left unaddressed, liquor addiction can also lead to serious medical problems or even death. This is the main reason why a project such as this was organized, to empower and help those in need of it and for others to be aware of its risks and repercussions.


Many were inspired to contribute towards the sustainability of a better lifestyle by posting #SayNoToNarcotics on their personal social network platforms.

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