The Carbon Consulting Company to strengthen sustainability strategy with global collaboration with Forum for the Future

Posted On 29 May 2015
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Sri Lanka’s Leading sustainability consulting firm The Carbon Consulting Company(CCC) announced today that it is strengthening it’s strategic expertise with an international partnership with leading global sustainability non-profit, Forum for the Future.

Speaking about the firm, Anna Warrington,   Director Forum for the Future India, says, “We are an independent non-profit working globally with business, government and other organisations to solve complex sustainability challenges. Since 1996, we’ve been helping organisations across the globe find ways to create a sustainable future. We believe it’s critical to reimagine and transform the key systems we all use and rely on, and innovate for long-term success. Our focus is changing the food and energy systems, but we also work in other sectors such as shipping, finance and digital technology. With a network of more than 130 organisations worldwide, we provide a unique opportunity to learn and work together to create pioneering practices and innovations through specialist discussion and collaboration. We create the powerful coalitions and collaborations needed to resolve the complex problems that get in the way of creating a sustainable future. Our track record spans nearly two decades. We have worked in partnership with pioneering companies such as Unilever, Pepsico, Telefonica O2, Skanska and Akzo Nobel, collaborating with businesses, both large and small.

Asked about the new partnership with CCC, Ms. Warrington goes on to say, “We believe that collaboration helps us to achieve the maximum impact, and we’re excited to start this new collaboration with the CCC in Sri Lanka. With our strategic, futures and systems-based approaches and CCC’s immediate technical and domain based capabilities, we believe we can help Sri Lankan businesses to maximise their success through sustainability both now and in the future.Sri Lanka is home to many ambitious businesses that want to see it thrive in the future. We believe that visionary sustainable business can make this happen and we’re proud to be part of it.”

“The Carbon Consulting Company( CCC ) was founded with an overarching vision of becoming a game changer in bringing access to sustainability advisory services into the local market” says CEO of CCC, Sanith de Silva Wijeyeratne. “In a few years we have been privileged to work with some of the country’s leading companies and have been able to partner them in assessing, reducing and optimizing their environmental impacts. Many of our clients have recorded significant milestones in the Asian and South Asian regions with some even setting global landmarks. Part of our vision is to become a long term sustainability partner to our clients, by working to change their business processes to achieve greater overall sustainability. We reached out to Forum for the Future due to their expertise in the international market place , mostly  working with world leading organizations and brands to create a green change. We are confident that their guidance and long term strategic direction combined with CCC’s well developed experience in the sustainability arena will significantly benefit local corporates and businesses.”

Since its incorporation, CCC has been at the forefront of promoting corporate sustainability solutions in the local marketplace, helping many Sri Lankan corporates across diverse sectors  to achieve regionally significant  sustainability milestones. CCC is the regional partner of the CarbonNeutral® Company, the world’s  leading provider of carbon reduction solutions and offers  the internationally recognized CarbonNeutral® Certification. It is also the official Sri Lankan partner for the International Water Footprint Network, and has pioneered the concept of Water Footprinting in the country

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