Improved Business Sentiment Kindles Interest in Sri Lanka’s Luxury Property Market

Posted On 20 Feb 2020
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Eton Estate, Pundaluoya

Eton Estate, Pundaluoya

A mood of optimism and expectation pervades life in Sri Lanka in the year 2020 as positive moves by the new government to streamline the nation’s tax structure, professionalize state-owned institutions, streamline ease-of-doing business standings and other business-friendly measures serve to provide economic stimulus. With the International Monetary Fund (IMF) projecting a growth of 3.7% GDP for Sri Lanka in 2020, there is reason for the rising business confidence in the country. A similar mood has infused the real estate and luxury housing market in the country as many projects which had stalled previously are now up and running.


The Sri Lankan holiday home market has been one of the most dynamic real estate segments for the past two decades. The segment has attracted international investors, mainly from Western Europe, who have been fascinated by the immense natural and cultural beauty of Sri Lanka, its pristine beaches and relaxed lifestyle. The quality of best-in-class beach villas, inland hideaways and restorations of historical building have been astonishing and those properties in many ways match those of more developed markets of Thailand, Bali or Goa.
Any challenges they faced were overcome by determination, patience, creativity and hard work. Sri Lanka, at the turn of the century, was an uncharted territory for property investment, where only few were prepared to navigate the complex web of red tape and loosely defined property laws. To achieve elaborate new designs and quality of finishes with the inexperienced workforce, early developers were taking uphill journeys, paved with many obstacles. Those brave and determent developers, which also included many Sri Lankan visionaries and entrepreneurs, created some of the best examples of luxury holiday home architecture, with the right balance of modern comforts and traditional Sri Lankan influences.


With the onset of peace and establishment of Sri Lanka as one of the most exciting tourist destinations, the property market has boomed. The values of real estate have sky-rocketed and many of the holiday homes have become successful businesses offering unique luxury experiences to global travellers.


Today the type of investor in the Sri Lankan holiday home market is changing. They are not pioneers looking for affordable new destinations, prepared to spend years of hard work developing a beautiful property; but wealthy global professionals, financiers and entrepreneurs looking for a piece of paradise and a sanctuary from their busy lives. They are not confined by or particularly committed to any specific market, country or destination. They are prioritising comfort, convenience, transparency and quality of service. They may be attracted to the idea of an exotic, remote and authentic holiday home, but they are not prepared to compromise much or work hard to get there. This is the new reality and properties that wish to attract this category of high-end investors need the necessary global reach and marketing expertise. As the global leader in luxury property sales, Sri Lankan Sotheby’s International Realty is uniquely positioned to reach the right audience for luxury properties.


Perceiving ample opportunity in Sri Lanka’s luxury real estate market, Sri Lanka Sotheby’s International Realty is expanding its operations across Sri Lanka and is actively searching for exclusive holiday home properties with character to market internationally. Sotheby’s International Realty has a network of over 990 offices in 77 countries, including offices in all key target markets for Sri Lanka holiday home buyers.
Sri Lankan real estate is back under the spotlight with its improved macro-economic and political climate, making this the right time to start promoting luxury properties around the island and position them as preferred alternative to more developed holiday homes markets, such as Thailand, Bali or Goa.  Sri Lanka Sotheby’s International Realty has early indications of market recovery, with increasing interest for luxury holiday homes from international buyers and investors. Interest is expected to gain momentum in the second half of 2020 and accelerate in 2021 which makes early 2020 the right time to market properties and engage with prospective global buyers.


Sri Lanka Sotheby’s International Realty affirms its faith in Sri Lanka and its future and places great confidence in the real-estate market. For more information please contact Sri Lanka Sotheby’s International Realty: | +91 11 787 7777.

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