CA Sri Lanka grants gold and silver status to 12 accredited learning partners and certificates to 60 registered lecturers

Posted On 21 Oct 2018
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The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka (CA Sri Lanka) granted gold and silver status to 12 of its accredited learning partners, while 60 lecturers who are delivering the institute’s benchmark programme in chartered accounting were recognised at a certificate awarding ceremony, held under the patronage of Dr. Wijayadasa Rajapaksa, Minister of Higher Education & Cultural Affairs.

The Institute for Accounting Studies (Pvt) Ltd, Inspiro Business School (Pvt) Ltd and JMC Jayasekera Management Centre (Pvt) Ltd which conducts lectures for all three levels of the CA programme were elevated to gold status.  IBA Campus, Institute of Business Management, National Institute of Co-operative Development (NICD) and Sipwin Institute which conducts lectures for the Executive and Business Levels were also elevated to gold status. The MBS Education Institute which conducts lectures for the Executive Level was also recognised as a gold partner.

Knowledge Base Business Studies (Pvt) Ltd which conducts lectures for all three levels of the CA programme received silver partner status, while three other colleges, Institute of Professional Management, Institute of Professional Creation (Pvt) Ltd and Institute of Vision Launch (IVL) which conducts lectures for Executive level were granted silver status.

A total of 60 lecturers were recognised as registered lecturers of the institute and received certificates from the institute.

Speaking at the event, Minister Dr. Wijayadasa Rajapaksa commended the institute for its futuristic vision and in maintaining the quality assurance and accreditation of the institute and its qualifications. “When I look at the activities of the institute, it shows that our local university system is far behind,” he said.

The minister also said that going by the figures of the institute’s annual intake which is between 7000 to 10,000 it was clear that CA Sri Lanka was rendering a great national service without being a burden to the public. “Your service to the country is extensively admired and appreciated,” Dr. Rajapaksa said.

He also added that accountancy is an essential component of the economic system in any country and in the absence of a proper accounting system, one cannot expect any kind of development in a country. He also emphasized the need for public sector accountants to show more commitment when carrying out their responsibilities.

Speaking at the event, President of CA Sri Lanka Mr. Jagath Perera commended the role of the learning partners and the lecturers, who add value to the success of the accounting profession. “Your contribution adds real value to our success,” he said.

Mr. Perera said that the Institute has always been a self-funded organisation that not only provides knowledge but also provides various services to the country including in its capacity as the sole authority to promulgate accounting and auditing standards in Sri Lanka. He said that the Institute has consistently and continuously taken steps to enhance its qualification by maintaining the quality and in this regard the institute also took steps to obtain an accreditation to its qualification from internationally reputed agencies. “To benchmark our qualification, we assigned the task to NARIC UK, which is a government organisations in the United Kingdom, and after an independent review, they benchmarked our CA qualification as comparable to a Master’s Degree standard,” he said.

Mr. Perera also disclosed that his institute was currently in negotiation with several international universities to obtain additional qualifications for the benefit of the members of the Institute, so that they not only have a recognised professional qualification, but will also gain a postgraduate qualification from a university, which will ensure they are also academically qualified.

“CA Sri Lanka is not just an organisation providing qualifications, but we are also an organisation providing tremendous support to the development of the national economy,” he added.

The main objective of the accreditation process is to strengthen the mutual relationship between CA Sri Lanka and its stakeholders, to meet international requirements and also to uplift the quality of the CA programme.

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