CIPM Delegation Led by President Dhammika in Manchester for CIPD UK Annual Conference

Posted On 01 Dec 2019
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President CIPM Sri Lanka at the CIPD UK Annual Conference and Exhibitions held in Manchester, UK

CIPM Sri Lanka – the Nation’s leader in human resource management was invited by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD UK) to send a high level delegation to participate in its 2019 Annual Conference and exhibition themed  “Raising the Voice of the People Profession”held in Manchester Central, Manchester – UK on November 6 and 7. Each year, the CIPD Annual Conference attracts an unrivalled speaker lineup of established practitioners and thought leaders to deliver sessions that are intricately designed in response to the working needs and challenges. The CIPD Annual Conference has been designed to help people professionals navigate these challenges with 100+ inspirational speakers from across the world, designed to help people professionals masterfully influence people and business decisions by providing the perfect platform to elevate skill sets.

The conference provided an opportunity to discuss areas of mutual interest particularly on the progress of the activities for hosting the prestigious World HR Congress 2020 in July next year in Colombo, Sri Lanka. President CIPM Sri Lanka – Dhammika Fernando, Vice President – Sarath Jayasinghe, Hony. Treasurer – Ken Vijayakumar represented CIPM Sri Lanka at the Conference.

“CIPM Sri Lanka and CIPD – UK, as the leading professional HR bodies in our respective countries and territories have much in common in relation to understanding, innovating, and sharing knowledge, experience, and insights in order to better understand the world of work. In addition to the bi-lateral cooperation initiatives that we engage in on a regular basis, the World HR Congress 2020 is another such key initiative that we are working on in tight collaboration with CIPD, UK. The Word HR Congress2020 is the world’s largest HR conclave” said Dhammika Fernando-President, CIPM Sri Lanka.

The CIPM Sri Lanka delegation was able to have fruitful discussions with officials of CIPD UK relating to areas of mutual cooperation including with Ms. Gill White – Director of Business and Markets Development, CIPD – UK. Furthermore, the CIPM SL delegation met with Bob Morton – Secretary General, World Federation of People Management Associations (WFPMA) and discussed the on-going efforts and plans in organizing the World HR Congress 2020 next year. The World HR Congress is held bi-annually in a selected city/country based on the evaluation of competitive proposals put forward by professional HR bodies representing potential hosting countries which are affiliated with the Asia Pacific Federation of Human Resource Management (APFHRM) and WFPMA.

The CIPM Sri Lanka delegation was also given an opportunity to promote the World HR Congress 2020 in Colombo amongst the over 2000 participating delegates at the CIPD Annual Conference 2019 as well as at the CIPD International Delegates Launch. The delegation was also invited to participate at the selective and exclusive International Delegate Fellowship dinner on the 6th evening at Deansgate Hilton in Manchester. This was a good opportunity to network with likeminded human resource professionals from different parts of the world and to promote participation for the World Congress 2020.

CIPM was founded in 1959 – incorporated by Parliamentary Act No. 24 of 1976, amended by Act No. 31 of 2018.  CIPM is affiliated to the Asia Pacific Foundation of Human Resource Management and to the World Federation of People Management Associations. CIPM, being a professional institute is also a constituent member of the Organization of Professional Associations [OPA] Sri Lanka. Currently, CIPM comprises of over 1600 Professional Members who serve in both public and private organizations. It was elevated to Chartered Status by the Parliament of Sri Lanka on the 28th of September 2018 by amending the original Act of establishment.

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