CIPM Sri Lanka Enhances Solution Offerings in Corporate Training & Consultancy

Posted On 10 Jan 2019
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CIPM Sri Lanka – the Nation’s leader in human resource management rolled out a range of solution offerings in the vital area of corporate training & consultancy to inculcate a learning culture, encourage global intellectual thinking while adding value and enhancing the competencies and capacity of people. These corporate training programmes have been specifically designed by their team of experts comprising experienced HR management consultants and professionals to inculcate a learning culture while encouraging global intellectual thinking.

“CIPM Sri Lanka’s corporate training & consultancy division is now positioned to provide a vast array of services with their expanded solution portfolio to cater to management requirements at any organizational level including designing and delivering customized consultancy, training and development programmes. In addition to conducting standard programmes, we have the unique advantage of being able to draw upon the skills & expertise of our extensive membership network in order to fulfill individual client specific requirements for training, development and consultancy assignments” said Sarath Jayasinghe -Chairman, Standing committee on Consultancy, Training & HR Services of CIPM Sri Lanka.

CIPM Sri Lanka’s corporate training & consultancy solution offerings have been classified into 3 categories as Public training, Specific and In-house programmes.

The 1-2 day Public training programmes have been designed for the public and include soft skills and personality development, and productivity improvement.

The Specific Programmes are designed for enterprise level training and include Management Development (MDP), Supervisory Development (SDP) and Executive Development (EDP) Programmes.

The MDPs customarily spanning Eight (08) days focus on three key areas of people management, employee engagement and change management, and aims at developing young managers who are expected to engage with people across their individual locations by sharing challenges and working together to find effective solutions.

The SDPs are designed to enhance and strengthen the capabilities of frontline management and ensure that they acquire the skills, knowledge and competencies to effectively lead, engage and develop their teams and face business challenges. These 02-day programmes focus on two key areas which are required for any organization for the enhancement of overall capabilities in the spheres of supervisory, management and leadership, with greater emphasis on motivation and decision making.

The EDPs are designed to increase the business skills and leadership capabilities of executives who lead key divisions/functions in companies and those who have been earmarked to be among the leadership in organizations. During this 8-week programme, the participants will gain a robust understanding of critical departments and how they interact within an organization, developing crucial skills needed to lead cross-functional teams. These specific programmes are conducted by the members of the CIPM’s visiting faculty comprising highly respected, industry veterans and consultants, with exposure to public and private sector organizations having leadership roles in multinational corporations and conglomerates.

The In-house programmes primarily consist of Customized Training & Development Programs which are structured to help organizations achieve their objectives by enhancing the competencies of the human resources in order to convert and position organizations to be more productive and innovative for sustainability and growth. In designing In-house programmes, an experienced Lead Facilitators from CIPM Sri Lanka with expert knowledge in the specific area will liaise with the top and line management of the client and develop the customized programme. The Lead Facilitator together with the hand-picked team will ensure that the programme meets and exceeds the client’s expectations.

CIPM was founded in 1959 and was subsequently incorporated by an Act of Parliament in 1976. CIPM is affiliated to the Asia Pacific Foundation of Human Resource Management and to the World Federation of People Management Associations. CIPM, being a professional institute is also a constituent member of the Organization of Professional Associations [OPA] Sri Lanka. Currently, CIPM comprises of over 1200 Professional Members who serve in both public and private organizations. It was elevated to Chartered Status by the Parliament of Sri Lanka on the 28th of September 2018 by amending the original act of establishment.

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