Headstart to support Ladies’ College transition to digital education

Posted On 14 Mar 2019
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Headstart Pvt Ltd, the pioneering e-learning solutions provider in Sri Lanka, has been chosen by Ladies College, Colombo, for the implementation of a digital education based smart school programme.

The Company’s role is to provide teacher training, learning content creation and a state-of-the-art Learning Management System for teaching, learning and monitoring the progress of the students and the teachers.

Ladies College has already installed smartboards in all of its classrooms with the support of its Old Girls’ Association, and one of Headstart’s tasks would be to deliver a focused programme and training to teachers that will enable them to use these new devices effectively, and by extension, bring about a digital transformation within the institution.

Headstart’s technical expertise of having worked with many schools for over nine years, its involvement as a partner of the government’s Smart Schools programme, its status as a Microsoft Education Partner, and its ownership of guru.lk – the largest online digital learning eco system in Sri Lanka with a ready-made content library, made the Company the ideal candidate to fulfil Ladies’ College’s requirements.

Commenting on this latest project, Headstart CEO Mr Hasitha Dela said: “Smart schools are about preparing the next generation with digital education to be able to stand on par with any school leaver of similar age globally. We at Headstart truly believe that a teacher is the most important element in this change process. Hence the real challenge is to make teachers digital-ready to see a change in the student. That is the positive impact we intend to achieve with Ladies College.”

The Principal of Ladies’ College Mrs Eesha Speldewinde said: “In this fast paced world, new technology and its advancements are a pre-requisite in any learning environment. In a school, lessons are enhanced with a smart classroom and it benefits both teachers and students. Undoubtedly it is a great teaching aid as it engages all children who come with varied and different learning abilities. As an experienced company in this field, we are confident Headstart would take our teachers on an enjoyable, educational and fruitful journey into digital transformation.”

Headstart (Pvt) Ltd. has been developing content for the ICTA/Ministry of Education on school curricula since 2009. The company was a tech start-up with a project named ‘Vidunena’ under which the GCE A/L Science curriculum was provided to schools in an E Learning format, through an ICTA grant. The company now owns the largest E Learning content portal in Sri Lanka with more than 600,000 learners and 8,100 plus lessons to choose from. The content knowledge pool includes university academics, teachers, business leaders, corporate trainers and soft skills trainers, and is the largest such education-related talent pool in Sri Lanka.

The company also provides E Learning content and platform solutions to corporates, institutions, the government sector and the general public under the brand name Guru.lk.

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