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Posted On 13 May 2020
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Sanath Senanayake – CEO/Executive Director

Sanath Senanayake – CEO/Executive Director

Responding to the limited mobility and safety requirements that are the need of the hour, the Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing (SLIM) has effectively integrated all its programmes, payments and assessments to its digital platform. The online lecturing process will ensure the convenience and smooth flow of programmes to all students.

SLIM now offers live online lecture sessions to all its Certificate, Diploma and Postgraduate level programmes. To further reinforce its ability there are also interactive lecturer – student discussion sessions that can be scheduled along with online assignment guidance. In addition, students are able to submit their assignments online as well as sit for their scheduled examinations of selected programmes through this digital platform.

SLIM students will have the opportunity to experience a virtual classroom from the convenience and safety of their homes. Having understood the diversity of the backgrounds of our students, SLIM has taken necessary measures to provide online teaching through user friendly systems where students can even log in by using a mobile phone. All steps are aimed at conducting sessions as planned according to schedule without any deviation, so that students will not be inconvenienced as a result of the imposed curfew.

“When there is a national crisis, as the national body for Marketing, SLIM always took initiatives on behalf of the fraternity. In our student profile, those who are in Generation Y and Z, are techno savvy, thus online education is the ideal platform for them not to waste their time during the curfew period.  SLIM carries the ISO 9001:2015 certification in recognition of its superior quality management system and the ISO 29990:2010 for Learning Service Provider (LSP), providing non-formal education and training services. Thus, the quality of delivery is our utmost priority and so far we have delivered it successfully,” stated the President of SLIM, Roshan Fernando.

SLIM will use multiple specialized platforms to meet different objectives. Students can log in through the SLIM students’ gateway (LMS), Microsoft Teams, M-Learning and Bellcube, the online assessment platform.

Nuwan Gamage, Vice President of SLIM commented, “SLIM is committed towards working with the marketing fraternity in the country to provide them with the highest level of support in enhancing their skills and performance during the COVID-19 pandemic. The corporate sector in Sri Lanka has kept confidence in SLIM educational programmes making full use of this timely opportunity to empower and train their employees. SLIM as the national body for Marketing in Sri Lanka has made all necessary arrangements to offer all our programmes on the digital platform during this ‘Work from Home’ period.

Sharing his views, Sanath Senanayake – CEO /Executive Director of SLIM stated, “As the National body for Marketing, we understand the future trend of delivering qualifications and introduced online qualifications like Professional Certificate in Marketing Online (PCM Online) in our educational portfolio well in advance. Due to the current situation, we are compelled to go online for all educational programmes during the curfew period. We have trained our staff to conduct digital sessions while our lecturers are supportive of this initiative and are continuously willing to help our students through these platforms.”

SLIM is the national body for Marketing in Sri Lanka and has been promoting marketing excellence and elevating the status of marketing since 1970. SLIM continues to educate the future marketers of Sri Lanka and helps to uplift the marketing fraternity in the country even during this challenging period.

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