Anita Dorai presents ‘KUMARSUTRA’ to Sri Lankan audiences

Posted On 30 Jan 2019
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Singaporean born Anita Dorai presents a comedy show like no other, “KUMARSUTRA”, which will be staged for Sri Lankan audiences on the evening of March 17, 2019

Featuring one of South East Asia’s most iconic and respected performing artists, and a brilliant stand-up comedian, Kumar, this one-of-a-kind comedy show fuses traditional and modern performances perfected by Kumar over his almost 30 years on stage.

Delivered for one night only, at the Hilton Colombo, “KUMARSUTRA” takes audiences on an inspired and heartfelt journey delicately pieced together by Kumar himself. Making every effort to dazzle and amaze audiences, and transcending age, gender and race, Kumar leaves it all on the stage, creating excitement and stunning those lucky enough to witness it for themselves, by using a uniquely novel hodgepodge of storytelling, observations and caustic remarks to dish out his own, unique brand of humor.

Presented by Anita Dorai, “KUMARSUTRA” is supported by Hilton Colombo and managed and produced by Imran Saibo’s Classic Funtime.

“It is with great pleasure that we continue to up our game by bringing one of South East Asia’s top comedians, Kumar, to Sri Lanka,” commented Anita, adding: “Thanks to the grateful support of Singapore Airlines and Hilton Colombo, and with Imran Saibo’s Classic Funtime managing and producing, ‘KUMARSUTRA’ is a fantastically entertaining production that is a heady mix of performance art interlaced with Kumar’s comedy and his intimate stories. I’m certain our audience will have never seen anything like it before. As Kumar himself states, ‘Nothing is made up; everything is just real.’”

Already having endeared herself to local audiences with her exclusive, invitee-only September 2018 fashion extravaganza, “Threads of Time”, which was headlined by designer Kavita Thulasidas, a Singaporean of Indian origin who, since 1999, has headed up Singapore’s Stylemart Bridal Collection. “Threads of Time” fabulously showcased over 100 breathtaking ‘East meets West’ outfits, while also captivating the audience with gorgeous models, extravagant sets and scintillating entertainment, all in all a mind- blowing production.

Additionally, “Threads of Time” culminated in the donation of 100 specially designed wheelchairs to Wheels for Wheels, an initiative by Around the Pearl that aids those living with Cerebral Palsy. Similarly, the Sri Lankan production of “KUMARSTRA” will also witness another significant donation to Wheels for Wheels.

“The Sri Lankan production of ‘KUMARSUTRA’ is part of our striving to showcase fresh and exciting Asian talent locally. While Sri Lanka has for many years had a thriving theatre and music scene, the emphasis has always been on Western culture, so we were hoping to add in high quality entertainers from a bit closer to home, first with ‘Threads of Time’ and now with ‘KUMARSUTRA’”, concluded Anita.

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