Nations Trust Bank supports the Wildlife and Nature Protection Society with “Chat with Saba”

Posted On 27 Nov 2019
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Nations Trust Bank supports the Wildlife and Nature Protection Society with “Chat with Saba”

Nations Trust Bank supported the Wildlife and Nature Protection Society with an exciting event titled “Chat with Saba”. The event featured a lively discussion on elephants and elephant conservation with Saba Douglas-Hamilton, the world-famous conservationist, wildlife presenter and award-winning wildlife filmmaker. “Chat with Saba” provided an opportunity for wildlife conservationists, activists, enthusiasts and concerned citizens to learn from Saba’s experiences and work, while also posing their own questions to this amazing conservationist-hero.

Saba Douglas-Hamilton is a Kenyan wildlife conservationist and television presenter, who has worked for numerous conservation charities and appeared in wildlife documentaries produced by the BBC, such as Big Cat Diaries and Wild Series, and programmes for other broadcasters as well. Born and raised in Kenya by her zoologist father and author mother, she’s totally immersed in African culture and wildlife. She is currently the manager of “Elephant Watch Camp” in Kenya’s Samburu National Reserve, and Special Projects Director for the charity “Save the Elephants”. Her work in Africa as a wildlife filmmaker has led her to some of the most remote parts of the world, where she has studied rare and endangered species in their natural habitats and experienced the frontline of conservation first hand. Much of her work has focused on elephants and elephant conservation, as her expertise lies in this area.

She has also produced, directed and presented a wide variety of programmes for the Discovery Channel and Animal Planet, winning multiple awards for “Heart of a Lioness” and “Saba and the Rhino’s Secret”. Her documentary series “Unknown Africa” shone a light on the African continent with features on Angola, the Comoros Islands and the Central African Republic. Saba was also a popular presenter on the BBC Holiday programme, taking viewers to adventurous, exotic locations like Brunei, Ethiopia, Papua New Guinea, and Antarctica. Saba’s passion and insight make her a captivating and animated public speaker. She has spoken worldwide on topics ranging from animal consciousness, biodiversity and HIV to peace negotiations in Kenya, and is a regular guest speaker at the Royal Geographical Society, where she is a Fellow.

Speaking about “Chat with Saba”, Theja Silva – Group Company Secretary/General Counsel and Head of CSR at Nations Trust Bank said, “We are extremely happy to be able to support the Wildlife and Nature Protection Society in this noble endeavour. The WNPS is one of Sri Lanka’s oldest and leading wildlife and nature conservationist organizations in Sri Lanka, and Nations Trust Bank is extremely proud to be able to support their activities. ‘Chat with Saba’ comes at a time we need to think about nature and the wildlife we share the planet with. Elephants and wildlife are part of the natural wealth and biodiversity of this country and we at Nations Trust Bank are sincerely happy to be doing our part to help create awareness and bring like-minded people together. This programme was just one of Nations Trust Bank’s numerous efforts towards wildlife conservation as part of our on-going CSR initiatives. We believe that Saba’s insights and knowledge empowered those who are studying and conserving elephants and other wildlife here in Sri Lanka.”

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