UTE partner Pick a Book (PAB) to promote reading and personnel growth amongst staff

Posted On 13 Feb 2020
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UTE partner Pick a Book (PAB) to promote reading and personnel growth amongst staff

UTE partner Pick a Book (PAB) to promote reading and personnel growth amongst staff

UTE (United Tractor & Equipment Pvt Ltd)partnered Pick a Book (PAB) recently starting off 2020 with their firstPAB session at UTE premises to encourage reading amongst their staff members and to facilitate self-growth and personnel development.


Pick a Book has been teaming up with corporates to encourage executives to take on reading which also helps improve essential skills such as presentation skills, confidence building, language proficiency, networking and leadership skills.


The Pick a Book initiative has not only helped book aficionados to read more but it has encouraged nonreaders to take an interest in reading. Pick a Book is an initiative of Epitom Digital which is a concept driven digital marketing agency with a vision to promote reading habits amongst all. Epitom Digital has held many PAB sessions including for kids , adults and corporates, where a selection of books are introduced to members and participants who are encouraged to spend time reading it thereafter.

“We are keen to promote corporate Pick a Book clubs within companies because it helps the overall development of employees and it exposes them to new concepts and ideologies of the world,” said Ragulan Tharmakulangam, Director of Epitom Digital and Founder of Pick a Book.

Pick a Book has been known to select books that are inspiration, motivational and provides insights and knowledge into life coaching theories, self-development and growth, professional growth and skills enhancements and overall life changing concepts and learning from top speakers and life coaches from around the world.

Many companies have already set up Pick a Book clubs in their own organizations which has helped develop their staff both personally and professionally. PAB has helped many executives, senior managers and staff in overcoming their fear of public speaking, improving presentation and interpretation skills, overall analytic and thinking patterns, motivated staff for career growth and job improvements, provided a platform for staff to share ideas and initiate discussions, and facilitated personal and personality development through better self-confidence and knowledge sharing.

“WE are very happy to integrate PAB into UTE.  We have no doubt that this will provide an opportunity for our employees to appreciate reading and enhance their knowledge, as well as grow as employees and as individuals within the organization,” said Arline.L.Vidyashaharan , Head of Human Resources  at UTE.


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