Zonta Club 11 invites dance enthusiasts for spectacular Theme Night

Posted On 08 Oct 2018
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A hundred years ago there lived and worked a remarkable woman named Marion de Forest . . . who had a dream.

She was an American playwright and journalist from Buffalo, New York. She believed that women all over the world needed a voice, champions to protect their rights, their freedoms. And she attracted a group of Pioneer supporters, with whose help the Zonta International movement was born.

Today there are some 30,000 Zonta women in 63 countries around the world, with some 200 of them in five Zonta Clubs in Sri Lanka.

And if there’s one thing that ALL Zonta women have in common … it’s PASSION. Passion for their beliefs, their amazing projects, and inevitably also for their fund raisers!

So on the 23rd of October the Zonta Club 11 of Colombo have put together a ‘Mamma Mia THEME PARTY’ as a fund raiser for their most significant project.  This party will feature the awesome Abba music of the well-loved musical Mamma Mia. There will be vibrant rhythms for exuberant dancing, great food, themed cocktails and intriguing surprises. It will truly be a party to be hugely enjoyed and remembered. The Zontians hope for enthusiastic support from fun loving ladies and their men friends.

Tickets are available at Salon Nayana at Flower Road, at Commons by Harpo. Or call Zonta Club 11 President Meneka on 0777 669977.

So Colombo’s ‘Dancing Queens’ and their ‘Super Trouper’ guys might want to seriously get their tickets and be there. Secure in the knowledge that while they are having an unusually good time, they are supporting the ‘MITHURU PIYASA’ Counselling Centres.  There are five such Centres, sensitively designed and much supported by Zonta Club 11. With professional counsellors working devotedly with needy, often distressed families. Doing some amazing work and regularly recording heartwarming success, most significantly for the woman in the home.

Zonta Club 11 also welcomes e banners for display at the event, and any voluntary donations will be gratefully accepted. With Zonta Club 11 President Meneka standing by to advise inquirers.

Readers will do well to plan to have a rocking night! What better than dancing a night away exuberantly for an admirable cause.

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