Axionent announces revolutionary revamp of Ninewells mobile healthcare

Posted On 10 Oct 2019
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AxionentBringing convenient, trusted healthcare closer to home for patients of Ninewells Hospital

Leading enterprise software solutions developer and subsidiary of Access, Axionent, recently announced a comprehensive revamp of its integrated Ninewells Hospital mobile healthcare app.

Available for download on both iOS and Android platforms, the app aims to streamline the experience of patients who come to the Ninewells Hospital for treatment, enabling convenient access to healthcare services, as well as specially designed features to support mothers throughout their pregnancy and in the weeks and months after delivery.

“Good health is ultimately all about being consistent and timely with interventions. With the spread of digitally-enabled healthcare, we see unprecedented and powerful opportunities to improve the awareness of patients. By giving them information and reminders at crucial moments, and enabling them to track their medical needs in a simple, easy-to-use platform, we believe we can make meaningful improvements in quality of life of Ninewells patients. Our system is especially designed for pregnant mothers, however it also includes features for all of our other patients – so that access to healthcare becomes simple, easy, and affordable,” Axionent, Engineering Manager, Chamindra Dulshan stated.

The revamped version of the app includes a host of features for general patients as well. It utilizes integrated cloud technology to compound, store and share a bank of lab reports with their physicians over a secured connection.

Additionally, the app gives patients the capability of pre-booking consultations with doctors of numerous specialisations at the Ninewells Hospital and will also provide periodic updates on the plethora of quality medical services provided by the hospital in dentistry, radiology, fertility etc.

With ease of accessibility and use in mind, the app’s primary function is focused on enriching the pre- and post-natal care experience for mothers and infants under the age of one. Through the app, mothers can track the progress of their pregnancy and get reminders on important dietary, exercise and health requirements.

The app also provides users with a deep understanding of the developmental cycles and needs of their baby throughout all three trimesters with an easy-to-use and colourfully illustrated week-by-week calendar. Information is localized to suit cultural and dietary sensibilities of Sri Lankan mothers and delivered in bite-sized notifications so as to be easily understood and actionable.

Most notable among the features included in the latest version of the app are two important new tools to aid a safe pregnancy: a kick counter to monitor and record the daily kick count of a foetus and a contraction timer to keep track of critical pre-labour contractions.

During the critical period right after a birth, mothers can also use the app to keep updated and informed on the baby’s physical, social and mental development. This will also include immunisation schedules, advice on breastfeeding, dietary recommendations, parenting tips, and information on effective care of physical and emotional wellbeing post labour.

An option for calling an ambulance or emergency services is an added benefit pinned on the app’s interface, while in future, Axionent plans to further upgrade the application with a special loyalty platform that enables patients to collect loyalty points to be spent during hospital admissions.

Commenting on the wider significant of these upgrades, Dulshan explained: “We believe these new additions will help to further strengthen the line of communication between patients and healthcare providers at Ninewells Hospital. Patients these days do not have the time to visit a hospital for more general, recurring needs. This is where most of our focus in developing the app has gone towards, so that we can ensure that our users can have the solution to fulfil their recurring medical needs at the tips of their fingers.”

A subsidiary of Access, Axionent’s trail-blazing portfolio includes innovative applications and complex software systems developed to upgrade and automate processes in the healthcare, ticketing, micro-finance and security sectors. Additionally, their track record includes revolutionary mobile-based loyalty systems for the restaurant & leisure sectors, pre-paid/ NFC-enabled transportation ticketing systems for the SLTB and Road Development Authority of Sri Lanka, electronic toll ticketing systems and branch-less banking systems for various Finance institutes including the People’s Bank of Sri Lanka. The company’s solutions process millions of transactions daily in the different industries and verticals it serves.

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