Kalbe introduces Entrasol Platinum premium nutrition for aging and recovery

Posted On 19 Oct 2019
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Kalbe, the largest public listed healthcare conglomerate in South East Asia launches yet another science based nutrition brand – Entrasol Platinum, a unique formulation to add strength and quality to the most rewarding years of life and during recovery from illness and surgery. Entrasol Platinum provides nutrition that helps fill in the ‘nutrition gap’ between the nutritional needs of the aging and recovering body and the actual food consumption of an adult.

The Kalbe Group provides an integrated healthcare solution with its 4 business divisions: Prescription Pharmaceuticals, Consumer Health, Nutritionals and Distribution and Logistics. With a mission to ‘Improve health for a better life’ the company believes strongly in providing research based innovative healthcare solutions supported by strategic alliances with world renowned international partners.

Kalbe’s International business headquartered in Singapore, is one of Sri Lanka’s top 10 Pharmaceutical companies with over 25 years of its footprint in the local market. Hemas Pharmaceuticals have supported Kalbe as the distribution partner of Kalbe products for well over 25 years. Kalbe Sri Lanka Country Manager, Mr. Sudarshana Jayatillaka said: “Entrasol Platinum and the entire portfolio of Kalbe nutritional products are scientifically formulated and manufactured under the most stringent quality and safety standards (ISO).”

Projection reveals that Sri Lanka would have 16.7% – 3.6 million population aged over 60 years by year 2021. Further, by 2041, one quarter of Sri Lanka’s population would be elderly. Aging men and women experience less energy to perform simple day-to-day tasks, slower walking speed, decreased strength, feeling tired and weak. This is due to the natural process of aging resulting in physiological, pathological, social and psychological conditions of humans. Depletion of strength and vitality is mostly caused by progressive loss of muscle commonly experienced with aging, malnutrition and inactivity. It has been scientifically proven that between the age of 40 and 70 years, adults can lose as much as 24% muscle mass, which amounts to approximately 8% per decade. In a country where grandparents are very much actively involved in the lives of their children and grandchildren, being nutritionally well cared for is of great importance.

An adult recuperating from illness or surgery shares some common nutritional concerns with aging adults. These include appetite loss leading to inadequate intake of nutrition, especially protein and calories. The lack of proper nutrition can prolong recovery time, lead to longer hospital stay and an increased probability of complications. Dr. Divina Redondo-Samin, from the Philippines Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition on her first visit to Sri Lanka added: “The elderly population is one of the most vulnerable groups to develop malnutrition which can decrease their muscle strength and energy, which can lead to poor health and frequent hospitalisations. It is therefore crucial that they receive adequate nourishment daily through their diet to maintain or improve their activities of daily living.”

“Entrasol Platinum with the advanced Procare formula consists of a balance of macronutrients, Protein (12g per 60g serving), fiber and 22 vitamins and minerals. Entrasol is formulated to help fill in the ‘nutrition gap’ to improve the nutritional status of an aging or recovering adult. Entrasol may even be used to assist in supporting the nutritional needs of critically ill and hospitalized patients. Many elderly parents often do not have the strength to participate in the lives of their children and grandchildren. Malnutrition is poorly recognised and addressed and contributes to a vicious cycle leading to a downward spiral in health” said, Mr. Kishan Canagasabey, Brand Manager.

Elaborating further on the market trends, Mr. Canagasabey further added: “At present, we see a global transition taking place in the market from curative therapies to preventative nutrition. We are experiencing a stage where consumers are becoming more informed and conscious about nutrition, the importance of being physically active and also the ill effects of harmful food and inactive lifestyle. Therefore, we see a marked difference in level of attention they pay to the food they consume. However, certain conditions such as advancing age and recovery from illness or surgery make it more difficult to obtain the ideal levels of nutrition that the body requires to stay strong and active. Nutrition brands in Sri Lanka have long been very generic, offering a one-size-fits-all concept. Research and development have helped the market evolve to deliver different brands of Nutrition to be specialized for different and specific nutrition requirements.”

The Medical fraternity would warmly welcome high-quality nutrition products into the country as Nutrition is now being recognised as a front -ine therapy in the management of general, critically ill and hospitalised patients to support the conventional therapies for faster recovery and a better overall outcome.

“At Kalbe, we place great importance in formulating science based nutrition products that are tailor made to meet the specific needs of each segment. Entrasol Platinum comes in a delicious vanilla flavour in a 400g tin, and is available at leading Pharmacies.”, concluded Mr. Canagasabey. Entrasol is another product by makers of Diabetsol – the No. 1 brand in Sri Lanka for special purpose nutrition for those concerned about sugar.

To support the Launch of Entrasol, for the first time in Sri Lanka, hosted a series of clinical nutrition sessions at the Shangi-La, Colombo from the 19th to the 20th of October, attended by international guest speaker, Dr. Divina Cristy Redondo-Samin and leading healthcare professionals in Sri Lanka. The clinical sessions on the 19th powered by Entrasol, focused on the role of Nutrition in Convalescence and Recovery, while the clinical session on the 20th powered by Diabetasol focused on the role of Nutrition in the management of Diabetes in a contemporary society.

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