CRYSBRO Golden Chicken gleams at the Culinary Art Food Expo 2018

Posted On 19 Jun 2018
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CRYSBRO, the brand of Farms Pride (Pvt) Ltd presented a striking demonstration of culinary excellence and awareness, highlighting CRYSBRO Golden Chicken along with a vast range of products at the Culinary Art Food Expo 2018.


Raising awareness on the nutritional significance and quality of their products has always been a top most priority of CRYSBRO therefore the culinary expo served as an excellent platform to carry out the Golden chicken cook off along with an awareness display which attracted housewives, professional chiefs, hoteliers and food bloggers and enthusiasts present at the premises. While cooking an appetizing golden chicken dish, the audience was able to discover the unknown nutritional values in CRYSBRO’s yellow chicken and be reassured of its quality and standards as well.


Commenting on the nutritional value of corn fed yellow chicken, Food safely and nutrition expert Dr.Krishanthi Premarathne stated  “Corn fed chicken variety contains higher volumes of Vitamin A than regular chicken that are generally fed with a grain based diet, hence it is ideal for better vision, a healthy immune system and cell growth. The Yellow hue in the chicken meat is mainly due to the presence of the natural colourant named Carotenoids,


“Corn is a primary natural source of carotenoids that have been used in chicken feed over the past few decades by many well reputed poultry farms. Birds as a whole are unable to produce Carotenoids in their body hence it enters a body through the food intake of a chicken. Yellow corn and maize as chicken feed produce ample amounts of Carotenoids and they are stored in high concentrations in the skin, liver, fat and most noticeably in Egg’s Yolk. Otherwise, the yellow hue does not imply expiration or bad quality.”


The Food Expo, organized by the Chef’s Guild of Sri Lanka in partnership with World Culinary associations was successfully carried out on the 1st, 2nd and the 3rd of June at the Sirimavo Bandaranaike Memorial Exhibition Centre with the participation of renowned Travel & Hospitality organizations and Food & beverage companies both local and international.


“Our main intention was to create awareness among our customer base about the nutrients contained in yellow chicken and the quality standards of production at CRYSBRO. Our main objective is to work towards eradicating malnutrition and Vitamin A deficiency from Sri Lanka. I thank our team who made the Food Expo demonstration a success. We expect to embrace more opportunities as such to build an up close relationship with our customers” Amores Sellar Senior Manager Marketing of Farm’s Pride Ltd stated


A multitude of interesting special events, contests and seminars also took place during the course of the Expo, aiming to showcase the newest and finest F&B products, promote the latest trends in the sector, and inform industry professionals on innovative ideas and services.


Moreover, the objective behind this year’s expo was to lay a broader platform for the local Tourism & Hospitality Industry to be recognized by the international buyers and stand out in the global culinary arena. The expo managed to bring together more than 68,000 Greek and international buyers from 74 countries and, as a result, establish the show’s international profile.


Established in 1972 with just 100 chicks and a vision to become a market leader in terms of quality, freshness and innovation, CRYSBRO has grown at a steady pace and in the decades since, has emerged as Sri Lanka’s first and most sophisticated, fully vertically integrated poultry producer with operations spanning grand-parent, parent farms, hatcheries, broiler farms and feed mills. This thriving Farm-to-Fork’ concept has been at the core of our success, and which in turn has provided unprecedented support for numerous stakeholders including direct and indirect employees, out growers, domestic maize farmers, and ultimately, the Sri Lankan consumer.

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