Jeep Freedom Drive 2015: a wild experience for Jeep owners

Posted On 30 Oct 2015
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Freedom culture embedded with adventure and capability are at the core of Jeep life, which creates the unique identity of Jeep enthusiasts. Furthermore the legendary lineup of Jeeps, allows each owner to create their own timeless story. DIMO recently embarked on another activity to engage Jeep enthusiasts, in the North Western Province of Sri Lanka.

Diesel & Motor Engineering PLC (DIMO) initiated the “Jeep Freedom Drive” with Cinnamon Nature Trails – a unique experience for Jeep owners and their families to discover and enjoy true wildlife. Jeep Freedom Drive provided new experiences, adventures and off-road driving opportunities through wilderness for Jeep owners and their families.

The “Jeep Freedom Drive 2015” was organized at Cinnamon Lodge Habarana from the 9th to the 11th of October with the participation of over 15 Jeep owners and their families. The Jeep Freedom Drive focused on Freedom, Adventure and Capability – the core values of the Jeep brand to enhance customer engagement to the next level.

The drive started at DIMO800 on Friday morning and the Jeeps (Jeep Grand Cherokee, Jeep Wrangler and Jeep Cherokee) drove in a convoy to Habarana Lodge. After having lunch at Cinnamon Lodge Habarana participants left to Kaudulla National Park in their Jeeps to enjoy the wildlife. Situated around the ancient Kaudulla tank, the National Park provides a 6000+ hectare elephant corridor with fantastic opportunities to see elephant herds at close range. “Freedom” is a core aspect of the lifestyle of Jeep as well their owners. National Parks too embody the same values of living life without limits – hence bringing Jeep to its roots. Jeep customers and their families engaged in safaris while capturing stunning photographs of Kaudulla. Moreover, they were fortunate to see several elephants at close range during the excursion. The day ended with a presentation on Sri Lankan Elephants by veteran biologist Dr Vimukthi Weeratunga.

Day two started with a stroll through the large garden of Cinnamon lodge, which is home to more than 65 species. Later on, Jeep owners and their families drove to Minneriya National Park. Being part of the elephant corridor, which joins with Kaudulla and Wasgamuwa parks, Minneriya National Park gives the opportunity to see herds of elephant throughout the year. High tea by the lakeside at the end of the day was an unforgettable experience for the Jeep families. Day three saw the families leave Habarana after breakfast, and head back home in their Jeeps with memories to linger.

Chairman/ Managing Director DIMO Mr Ranjith Pandithage said, “Jeep Freedom Drive 2015 reflects DIMO’s true commitment to customer satisfaction and passion for the Jeep brand”. Jeep customers who took part in the initiative praised DIMO for their attention to detail whilst organizing the Drive. Mr. Prashan Wijayanayake who participated at the Jeep Freedom Drive said, “This was an experience of a life-time. We were amazed from the time it started till the very end. The attention to detail was beyond belief, which is typical of DIMO and their customer care. We thank DIMO and Cinnamon Nature trails for an excellent tour”.

“I’ve always been an ardent Jeep fan and the “Jeep Wrangler” which is rugged and full of character. It definitely stands out with its unbeatable off-road capabilities” Mr. Thushantha Wijeratne, who was another participant said. “Jeep Freedom Drive 2015″ was a perfectly organized event that offered us the opportunity to tryout Jeep power and capacity. The convoy attracted plenty of attention and we were indeed privileged to be part of it” he added. “Hats off to Team Jeep at DIMO for a job very well-done, this most definitely insulated our brand loyalty towards Jeep. Thank you so much for the rich and memorable experience and we are proud to be members of the Jeep family! “, he said.

The DIMO service crew was present throughout the ‘Jeep Freedom Drive’ to assist the customers if needed, while the Team Jeep made sure that customers were pampered so that their stay was a memorable one.

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