Ruveda, George Steuart & Co launches “Ruveda” the latest Ayurvedic Herbal Beauty Cream

Posted On 26 Sep 2019
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Ruveda-Pakc-&-Back-01George Steuart Group, one of Sri Lanka’s oldest and fast growing conglomerates, recently introduced Ruveda; a modern Ayurvedic Herbal Beauty Cream made from a range of herbal remedies to improve skin rejuvenation without the use of harmful substances. By identifying the community’s most common beauty and skin requirements, Ruveda underwent years of rigorous research and development, aiming to prevent various skin complications with the use of only natural herbal ingredients.

With the continued development and assessment of the product, the ‘Ruveda’ Herbal Beauty Cream is designed to offer the most natural, herbal and Ayurvedic solution to all skin problems. Produced from a range of herbal ingredients such as Sandalwood, Turmeric, Kasturi Turmeric, Tree Tumeric (Venivel) and Liquorice Root (Valmi), the Ruveda Herbal Beauty Cream could be used to rejuvenate one’s skin – leaving it cool and fresh.

In the recent past, many Sri Lankans suffered from various skin diseases due to the harmful ingredients used in the production of beauty cosmetics, such as mercury, bleach and alcohol. Therefore, there was a demand for a high standard, quality product to restore the damaged skin of those who were affected by using substandard cosmetic beauty products.

Undergoing immense research, trials and assessments, this product evidently reduces skin darkening, erases dark spots and vastly decelerates the process of skin wrinkling and ageing. This promising product not only lightens an individual’s skin tone but also enhances the natural glow of the skin.  The ‘Ruveda’ Ayurveda beauty product was launched in packs of 12g, 20g and 60g recently and will be made available at fancy outlets, A-grade retailers, selected pharmacies and leading supermarkets across the island.

Mr. Tharanga Wickremasinghe – General Manager, stated “The results expected by the customers by using a beauty product, are twofold. One is to deliver instant results whereas the other is to retain long term effectiveness”. He further commented, “With the use of Ruveda, customers can expect immediate effects such as skin brightness, sweat control and oil control, along with a fresh scent. In regards to long term effects, customers will be able to notice a fairer change in skin tone and a bright, blemish-free skin. We are positive that Ruveda will meet the expectations of all beauty and skin enthusiasts in Sri Lanka.”

Sharing her experience with the product, brand ambassador Nayanathara Wickramaarachchi – a novel and popular award-winning actress – commented, “I am amazed with what Ruveda is doing for the beauty and cosmetics industry in Sri Lanka and I am equally delighted to be given the opportunity to be a part of the introduction process of Ruveda to the Sri Lankan beauty industry. As brand ambassador, I was actively involved with the development of Ruveda since its early research and development phase and can personally vouch for the authenticity and delivery of results of this product.”

Prior to the launch of Ruveda, the herbal cream was assessed by many individuals, testing out the effectiveness of the product. With intense market and consumer research, Ruveda received many successful results, following the product’s promise to deliver effective cosmetic results without the use of toxic ingredients.

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