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Posted On 18 Jun 2019
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IYAP’s Peace Ambassador Leadership Program (PALP), supported by the Active citizen, British Council Sri Lanka, conducted a Stakeholder Consultation for Community Resilience program amongst religious leaders, dignitaries, parents and our members in Galle to address the issues that, we as a community are currently facing, and how we can hope to address them.

Resilience is what gives people the psychological strength to cope with stress and hardship. It is the mental reservoir of strength that people are able to call on in times of need to carry them through without falling apart. Psychologists believe that resilient individuals are better able to handle such adversity and rebuild their lives after a catastrophe.

This ambitious panel comprised of Siva Shri Jaya Chandra Deshan Sharma Kurukkal,  Reverend Father Nelson Balakumar, Walawwatte Vihaarastaanaya Rideeyagama Visuddi Nayaka Swamiwaanse, Mohamed Safwan – Dep. Director Human Rights. Ministerial Media Division, Methsiri De Silva. Former Mayor of Galle. Chief Organization SLFP Galle and M.P.P Arunalal – Inspector. Galle HQ.

A World Café session to address the needs of the hour was put forward to the stakeholders as follows. I) The Power of The People II) Transformability III) Systematic Thinking IV) Sustainability V) Courage VI) Adaptability VII) Combating Psychological Stress VIII) Fear Mitigation IV) Planning V) Inclusivity Campaigns.

Some of the thoughts include,

 “We have co-existed for centuries, let us not let something minute spoil the harmony we’ve shared” – Cleric from the mosque.

“Education and Development should go hand-hand immaterial of caste or creed” – Methsiri De Silva

“Everyone born in Sri Lanka is its beloved citizen. There shall be no stone unturned when it comes to their protection. This is my pledge!” – M.P.P Arunalal – Inspector

The agenda comprised of presenting memorabilia to Abdul Hameed Mohammed Naleem (Demised 26/03/2018) and Kusuma Kumudunee Abeywickrama (Demised 31/03/2019) for their undivided service tendered to the community were presented to two of our beloved mentors who are no longer with us now.

Whilst the event concluded with Ifthar, a volunteer from IYAP thanked the religious leaders, dignitaries, the volunteers themselves and participants for the effort and gathering.

This shows, although we represent different ethnicities, deep down we are one; human.

The consultation reports shall be published in the coming weeks by IYAP and British Council to hear the voices of the southern people.

As part of the one-year program, the participants of PALP were trained, monitored and guided to actively participate and contribute to attain the end goal. To encourage them to act, think and work towards a peaceful world ultimately becoming an Active Citizen.

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