Wedding Gifts Reimagined: Transforms the Way to Gift

Posted On 30 Jun 2016
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The tradition of gifting is one of the essential parts of wedding ceremonies intended to help newlyweds step into their new lives with ease. However,work, personal responsibilities and traffic jams turn gift hunts into stressful missions, while the avalanche of gift duplicates and unwanted items serve only to clutter the newly wedded couples’ storage rooms and closets.

But onesimple website promises to do away with gift shopping anxiety and to restore the original purpose of gifting. is a Sri Lankan-made gifting solution where users can create GiftSmart Cards – personalized greeting cards with a value of their choice, customizable for such as occasion. Being online, this easy to use solution allows the users to create their Card anytime and anywhere, eliminating the time pressure, road stress and travel costs.

GiftSmart Card recipients in turn receive a personalized souvenir they can hold on to forever, while they can redeem the Card’svalue by simply visiting the website and selecting gift vouchers from one or more of their favorite shops. With over 100 leading Sri Lankan merchants to choose from, the recipient satisfaction is guaranteed.

As such, GiftSmart Cards have become the preferred wedding gift of many andGihani, 32, is one them.A loyal user of, sheclaims that GiftSmart Cards “bring back the joy of gifting” with their simplicity and uniqueness.

“I am going to three weddings in July and for the first time I am not panicking about it at all,” said Gihani. “No long drives, no nail-biting over what to buy, no regrets. I just go to, create a cute card for the couple, give it a value I have the budget for, and I am absolutely sure they will love it because it can help them get exactly what they want.”

Due to their sentimental value as well as practicality, has even made its way into some couples’ wedding invitations. Last December, Nilmini, 26, and her then-fiancé included a note in their wedding invite suggesting that is their preferred gift.

“We wanted everyone to really enjoy our wedding and not worry about buying gifts that we might never use,” said Nilmini. “Some of our guests made us some beautiful GiftSmart Cards that I still keep in my memory box. We used these GiftSmarts to buy household items we were missing, and we went on a romantic dinner with the remaining amount.”

The team behind reports plenty of such positive feedback rolling in from both the users and their recipients.A member of the team, Prageeth Rodrigo, claims that this wedding season, will amaze them even more.

“We are constantly listening to our customers’ feedback and we are constantly upgrading the platform,” said Rodrigo.

“Currently, we are finishing an exciting new feature that is sure to make lives of many newlyweds and their guests much easier and happier,” he continued. “This wedding season, is on a mission to completely transform the way we gift in Sri Lanka.”

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