Landmark Developers expands into MEP solutions with Orange Electric partnership

Posted On 27 May 2018
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Newly-formed Landmark Engineering Solutions to be a one-stop-shop for MEP requirements

Landmark Developers, Sri Lanka’s new property developer with innovative concepts and ideas for modern homes, has expanded into designing and installing MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) solutions with the launch of its newest subsidiary Landmark Engineering Solutions. Along with the launch, the new company entered into a strategic partnership with Orange Electric as a systems integrator for future projects.

The partnership will allow Landmark Developers to leverage Orange Electric’s expertise in providing lighting and electrical solutions for residential, commercial, industrial and hospitality projects.It will also pave the way for the company to offer futuristic smart home solutions which allow home owners to control lighting, climate, entertainment systems, appliances and home security systems through hand held devices.

Landmark Engineering Solutions comprises of an experienced, in-house MEP solutions consultation team that works closely with a large, highly-skilled labour force capable of handling all types of residential and commercial projects. The company’s Electrical Solutions range can design and install lighting systems, power distribution networks, power panels, inverter panels, distribution boards, underground cabling, and yard light systems along with earthing & lightning protection networks. Its Plumbing Solutions includes design and installation of hot and cold-water systems, sewer and waste water systems and rainwater harvesting systems.

While most MEP solutions companies tend to avoid taking on small MEP projects, Landmark Engineering Solutions’ MEP solutions range from small homes to large commercial building complexes, giving even residential owners the opportunity to get their MEP requirements done through a professional company. The new subsidiary has already provided MEP solutions for large homes in Battaramulla as well as two warehouses in Kelaniya. In the future, the company plans to expand into designing and installation of turn-key fire detection and protection systems for high-rise buildings, warehouses, hotels, hospitals, office complexes and other kinds of large-scale developments.

Led by a renowned businesswoman with over thirty years of experience in the design field and driven by a young, dedicated and enthusiastic team, Landmark Developers is a one-stop solution for innovative real estate solutions providing end-to-end services to clients in a collaborative environment to meet the varying requirements of every client. Along with their design and construction expertise, the company also offers legal, financial and banking consultancy services. Landmark Developers currently has a partnership in the US with a focus on the states of California and Texas. In Australia, the company is operating in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane through their real estate partners.

Giving an insight into Landmark Engineering Solution’s big ideas is Managing Director Landmark Developers –Eksith Hapangama who states, “Landmark is an evolving company that is constantly looking at ways to expand our operations to give our valued clientele a more complete solution for their residential or commercial projects. In today’s market, we found out that there is a need for high-quality mechanical, electrical and plumbing solutions in the construction industry. Rather than relying on ad-hoc third-party subcontractors who can be unprofessional and unreliable, we wanted to create a one-stop solution for our clients’ MEP requirements. Therefore, Landmark Engineering Solutions was formed earlier this year and we are already making great progress with this partnership with a reputed company – Orange Electric. One of our notable features is that irrespective of whether it’s a small home or a massive commercial project, we are able to take it on and delivery high-quality, professional MEP solutions.”

Landmark Developers focuses on the construction of strategically-located low, mid and high-rise buildings for residential and commercial purposes including the management of such properties and providing construction expertise and services to clients. They recently launched ‘Nano Homes’, a first-of-its-kind solution where the design is based on a combination of pre-engineered sections and sustainable construction.One of their other eye-catching innovative solutions is ‘Comfort Dwellings’ which comprises of affordable, high-quality homes with modern contemporary designs and architecture located in fast-developing up and coming suburbs.

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