SLIM NASCO Champions Career in Sales for Youth

Posted On 23 Apr 2018
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Placing a career in sales squarely in the limelight, The Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing (SLIM)’s National Sales Congress (NASCO) is dedicated to recognize the efforts and performance of sales personnel in the country. An eagerly awaited event in Sri Lanka’s corporate calendar, SLIM NASCO is also the only national level event, which highlights the importance of sales profession in driving companies to success. A career in sales is not only a learning experience, but it also serves as a critical rung in the ladder of success.


SLIM NASCO commit to instill importance and recognition in the sales profession. A national level competition with the participation from different companies and industries, has continuously improved the standard of the sales profession.


Sales professionals play a pivotal role in the business organisation and make a significant contribution to the growth of the economy. Selling is a personal interaction between one human to another, which is a powerful fundamental tool to generate business, make customers happy, retain them in the long term, and ultimately contribute to the company and to the growth of the country. Further, as a sales person, can network with a wide variety of people in the industry. A good sales person is always valued and retained by companies, which promises job security.



In the globe as well as in Sri Lanka, sales profession is a highly paid and rewarding field, which generates more interest and enthusiasm from the youth sector nowadays than in the past. More importantly, the skills learnt in sales are highly transferable to other job roles. It is pertinent to note that most CEOs and Senior Managers either started their careers or have at least spent some part of their career in sales. That shows the significance of sales as a profession in the corporate world. Thus, SLIM NASCO plays the role of recognizing those outstanding sales professionals based on their achievements and hard work towards the growth of the organization.


There are truly multitude of reasons for embracing a career in sales which proves to be the right choice for youngsters entering into the workforce, who want a fast paced, dynamic and well-paid job!


As the National body for Marketing, SLIM has been in the forefront in fostering marketing knowledge and best practices in the country, and SLIM NASCO is the only national event, which recognises and rewards sales personnel covering a spectrum of business sectors.

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