Major Gen. Athula Kodippili gets a Special Committee from Sri Lanka Football.

Posted On 30 Jan 2019
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Football Federation of Sri Lanka has been appointed as – Chairman – Commercials & Special Projects Committee, a committee specially appointed by FFSL to handle some important projects from FIFA, AFC and from other agencies.

In a statement issued by the General Secretary of FFSL, Jaswar Umar states the following.

The year 2019 is a period full of Development and New Projects” from FIFA, AFC and other supporting countries. This includes some special projects that we are now discussing with the new Minister of Sports Hon. Harin Fernando.


FIFA and AFC have approved some most needed special projects for Sri Lanka upon the proposal made by the President and me as the General Secretary. This means we are progressing with our next step as per our plan. We need to take these projects very seriously and need to implement within set time frame. Therefore, we decided to appoint a special committee to handle these projects exclusively. We looked at few names to head the committee and have proposed Major Gen. Athula Kodippili to be the best fit. He has done a tremendous job when he handled the National Team Management Committee last year. His commitment was extraordinary. The entire National Team Management Committee members including its Deputy Rohitha Fernando have done tremendous job last year to build up our National Team to the level where we are now” Said Jaswar Umar.

He further said “Terms of all FFSL committees expired by 26 January 2019, which were originally appointed for a period of one year and all committees were re-appointed for another term of one year, with Chairmen were appointed by the council.


For the vacancy of the Chairman – National Teams Management Committee, the committee decided to appoint President Anura De Silva who held this post on a previous occasion too. We have many National Team commitment this year for men, women and youth national teams. Apart from a range of competitions like SAG, U23 and FIFA Friendly games, we have the most important FIFA World Cup Qualifier – Preliminaries in September.


Currently, FIFA and AFC have already begun communications, documentations and many activities with participating countries almost on daily basis for this World Cup preparations. We need someone fully engaged in this work daily. Appointing Anura De Silva to the National Teams Management Committee is the right choice considering the more frequent administrative workload we have in this respect.” Commented General Secretary.

FFSL is preparing for a very productive 2019 with many National Team events and development programs for both men and women football.

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