Milo to Host “Kids Zone” and Tag Rugby Carnival at Bradby Fiesta 2018

Posted On 10 Apr 2018
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The ‘Bradby Fiesta 2018’ will mark the zenith to a festive April in Colombo by adding a carnival atmosphere to a historic rivalry, in the form of a game of rugby.  Bradby Fiesta 2018 is the rugby carnival organized to coincide with the Colombo leg of the game of rugby played between Royal College, Colombo and the Trinity College Kandy, known around the globe as the Bradby Shield.  The Colombo leg of the 74th Bradby Shield being the 1st of two games is scheduled to be held on the 21st of April 2018, at the Royal College, Sports Complex.

The Bradby Fiesta was originally organized by the Royal College Union (RCU) to accommodate those who miss the opportunity to witness the live action at the venue – due to seating constraints – to experience the game live on giant screens placed at Bloomfield Grounds, situated adjacent to the Sports Complex. Over the years it has grown into a much anticipated carnival and an after party, which runs from 9.00 a.m. to 12.00 midnight on the day of the game.

In 2017 however, the RCU in recognition of its social responsibility called off the Bradby Fiesta at a time when all the arrangements had been made, in consideration of country situation followed by the nationwide floods experienced in June, last year.

Adding to the excitement of the game, carnival atmosphere and the festivities, Milo in partnership with the RCU has lined up a host of activities to engage the kids along with their families at the ‘Fiesta’, thereby transforming the game that was once enjoyed just by the fathers to an event of entertainment for the entire family.

The extravagance of the game is now open to kids from the morning, as ‘Milo’ is hosting a special Kids Zone at the Fiesta. Milo who has been a partner of the ‘Brady Fiesta’ from the very inception, has added a wide array of fun games for kids at the Kids Zone, with many attractive and exciting giveaways including mountain bicycles. The Kids Zone will also feature a Breakfast Zone, fun and energy moves, fun selfies etc. Milo together with the Organizers has taken special care and effort to ensure that games at the kids zone present a challenge both physically and mentally, so that ‘fiesta’ would offer something more than fun and games for kids.

‘Bradby Fiesta 2018’ in partnership with ‘Milo’ will also host a Tag Rugby Carnival with the participation of more than twelve school teams from the under 10 category to promote and infuse the need amongst the players of tomorrow to take up the game of Rugby.

Nestle Lanka PLC has entered into a three year contract with the Royal College Union, to empower and ensure the future success of the Bradby Fiesta, together with other sponsors.  ‘MILO’ – being one of the leading among an array of products offered to the Sri Lankan consumer by Nestle – holds a reputation of being a strong supporter and a promoter of school sports for over 3 decades by nurturing young talent while empowering the lives of hundreds of thousands of promising athletes each year.

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