10 things you can do with unlimited data

Posted On 10 Oct 2019
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Image-1(5)Digital connectivity is important more than ever today as the ‘era of live’ comes to the fore. The need to be connected at all times and receive real-time updates of important events taking place at home, office or the wider world, is compelling, and makes life a whole lot simpler and more enjoyable. Mobile data has empowered people to conduct all kinds of activities on their smartphones no matter where they are physically located. It has truly liberated people from being tied down to one location as used to be the case with fixed data, facilitating people to explore new experiences and enjoy adventures.

Data is reshaping the lives of people and how they spend their time. As technology increasingly converges with daily life, more and more people are embracing the spectacular benefits of mobile data. Amidst this trend, the demand for unlimited data is growing as it enhances these benefits many times over without needing to be mindful of data consumption or having data run out at a crucial moment. Their hunger for unlimited data is growing but what exactly would you do if you got an unlimited data plan? Here are 10 suggestions:

  • Perhaps the greatest advantage of mobile data is staying connected to loved ones while travelling through WhatsApp or Viber. This alleviates anxiety and worry, as you can always text or call family and friends to check in and let them know how you are doing. This gives peace of mind to people who care about you. After all, human relationships and connectivity matter the most.
  • Social media has become a second home to many of us. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networking sites are allowing us to connect with each other, share and learn across a wide variety of interests. Finding long lost friends and family and updating them on your life is truly therapeutic.
  • Watching your favourite movies, award-winning TV shows on Netflix and live You-tube feeds was never easier. If streaming videos is what you enjoy, unlimited data plans are for you as they do not cramp your style but allow you to binge-watch your favourite content.
  • The global mobile gaming industry is growing to cater to the demand for users who want to be able to play their favourite games on their mobiles. While traveling or spending time together friends, this can be a great stress buster. The unlimited data plan allows you to connect with your group of friends and keep playing against each other, achieving new levels of proficiency.

  • Taking advantage of mobile location services to keep you and your love ones safe – By tracking whereabouts of your loved ones traveling along late at night or in remote locations, is an invaluable help. Likewise, finding a restaurant or ATM near you has become a lot easier with mobile data as you can check no matter where you are as long you have data. The ability to send an SOS message is invaluable in a dangerous situation.
  • Conducting online financial transactions – Most people need to access a bank or ATM every few days but online banking has made this so much easier as they can conduct all their transactions and even pay utility bills through apps, as long as they have unlimited data which will allow them to complete the trasactions.
  • Paying by mobile wallet or scanning the QR code to pay or learn more details about a product or service is of great use.
  • Mobile apps are becoming a weapon increasingly used by fitness enthusiasts through a whole host of app to check heart rates, calories burnt and steps taken. The ability to document your efforts to keep healthy provides an instant boost to your morale.
  • Recording your favourite moments in real time and having live feeds of crucial events such as a child’s graduation or an engagement to share with relatives located far away is too good to be true.
  • Unlimited data on your mobile is great way to learn a new language or read your favorite books while on the go. It also allows you to work from home!

Running out of data at a crucial moment disappoints users when they want to share that perfect meme, or send a critically important work-related email on time. Understanding these roadblocks that users confront on the data highway, Mobitel, has launched UNLIMITED possibilities with Data with its ‘Master Unlimited Data’, to quench the thirst of data hungry enthusiasts by providing unlimited mobile data to explore and enjoy the world at your fingertips, thereby making your life more fulfilling.

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