EGUARDIAN and Fortinet unlock new business opportunities at PartnerSynergy Conference.

Posted On 18 Jan 2020
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Millennium I.T.E.S.P Private Limited receiving the award for Best Partner – Gold

Millennium I.T.E.S.P Private Limited receiving the award for Best Partner – Gold

EGUARDIAN conducted a Fortinet partner conference at Colombo in December 2019 to open new business opportunities for partners in securing new network edges.

As today’s businesses embrace new technologies, they must carefully consider how these solutions are also expanding the attack surface and impacting network security. Digital transformation is now becoming a necessity for businesses to compete, but it has also opened the door for new cyber threats. This ultimately means that partners must have a deep understanding of their customers’ new network strategies and objectives in order to keep them safe. From machine learning to the multi-cloud to the unprecedented rate of adoption of IoT devices, digital transformation and technological improvements require new strategies and solutions for managing cybersecurity.

These new strategies were the focus of a number of intense partner sessions at the Fortinet PartnerSynergy conference. In these sessions partner attendees learnt ways to improve their current support strategies to better secure their customer’s networks and help them effectively plan for the future.

During the conference, Michael Joseph, Director System Engineering, SAARC at Fortinet, said “The growth of digital transformation combined with the cybersecurity skills gap has led to organizations increasingly seeking expertise from partners to deploy the best security framework. This is a huge opportunity for our partners to grow their businesses while increasing the value they offer their customers. Furthermore, Fortinet offers a wide range of solutions, enabling partners to customize their offerings to their customers’ needs, while incorporating advanced threat intelligence and fabric protection.”

Partners in Sri Lanka have huge business opportunities in helping customers build a security architecture around a framework that not only ensures interoperability, but also increases performance. Automation that can span a variety of third-party solutions enables a proactive posture that accelerates detection, quarantine, and detonation. At the same time, real-time, centralized intelligence enables better decision-making; the centralized management and orchestration of more tools across more platforms enables visibility to be extended and control to be more granular, even in dynamically evolving networks; and total cost of ownership goes down while security effectiveness increases. And when combined with real time cyber intelligence reporting and advanced behavioural analytics, integrated systems can find and defuse an attack before it can impact live operations.

The conference recognized Fortinet partners in Sri Lanka with awards for their contributions in the year 2019.

-       Best Partner Gold                                     Millennium I.T.E.S.P Private Limited

-       Best Partner Silver                                    A Networks Private Limited

-       Best Security Fabric Partner                    Netsys Private Limited

In today’s complex and rapidly changing digital world, EGUARDIAN strives to be the Best Value-Added Distributor in the arena of Information Security, Cloud, Big Data and Automation.

The company is hailed as a dynamic Value-Added Distribution partner in South Asia pacific and has based Centres in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and the Maldives with ambitious plans to expand its footprint in the region.

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