HUAWEI nova 2i lighting up your selfies

Posted On 29 Dec 2017
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There’s a saying in photography that you need to ‘find the light’, because portrait photos are best taken with ample light, in particular from the right angle. We all know someone who loves a selfie. When the sun is out, so is their phone. But what happens on days when it’s not so sunny, or when it’s rainy or dark?

HUAWEI nova 2i is Huawei’s first four-camera bezel-less phone with a studio-quality Selfie Toning Flash. Taking a photo with this quad camera system is extraordinary. Even without a make-up artist there to assist you, your skin comes out looking great.


Studio-quality front-facing Selfie Toning Flash, professional portrait shots possible in any lighting condition

The HUAWEI nova 2i features a Selfie Toning Flash, putting an end to poor lighting issues, including the age-old red-eye problem. The Selfie Toning Flash has a color rendering index exceeding 80% and a 120° light coverage angle for a more natural lighting effect. More importantly, light intensity will be automatically altered according to the brightness of your face.

The biggest difference between this Selfie Toning Flash and a standard flash is that the soft-light is not as harsh, meaning it won’t make you squint or blink in response to it going off like a standard flash might. In addition, the soft-light indicator increases overall light distribution and evenness, in turn presenting greater uniformity in color. In short, HUAWEI nova 2i’s front-facing Selfie Toning Flash is like having a mini photo studio in your pocket.


Dual front-facing cameras, greater smoothing effect


HUAWEI nova 2i’s front facing camera features a 13-megapixel lens with a 2-megapixel professional blurring lens. With the main lens utilizing a F2.0 aperture, the dual-cameras help differentiate the subject from its background and apply effective blurring. This gives much more accurate blurring edges compared to a single-camera. In addition, the HUAWEI nova 2i supports a tap-to-focus mode for this blurring effect.

A lighting effect so natural it doesn’t look like a lighting effect at all

The HUAWEI nova 2i’s soft-light has been finely tuned by Huawei engineers. The color rendering index is capable of reaching 90 or more (commercial LED lighting is around 80), and is better than standard LED light sources for producing a true skin tone. HUAWEI nova 2i underwent rigorous screen glass selection to bring you improvements to lighting quality and bring out your natural healthy glow.HUAWEI’s first Selfie Toning Flash can automatically adjust open and close time, as well as light strength based on ambient brightness, resulting in a better lighting effect. Take your selfies to the next level with the new Huawei nova 2i.

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