Huawei nova 3 focus on AI: The latest trend in a Smartphone

Posted On 02 Oct 2018
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Today, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a staple segment of the smartphone experience andHUAWEI hails itself as the first mobile manufacturer to introduce a dedicated AI chip for smartphones. Over the last year, HUAWEI has globally led the development of AI-powered smartphone category based on its industry research and development and has reflected its innovations across all its product categories. HUAWEI’s latest smartphone — Nova 3 embedded AI capabilities raise the benchmark for the mobile phone manufacturers.

HUAWEI nova 3 was initially designed with the modern and advanced technology enthusiasts in mind, for whom a smartphone is not just part of their lifestyle but also represents their personal style, preferences and tastes. The AI enhanced user experience augments the outstanding capability of the phone to use clever ways, from imaging and photography, to power efficiency, to security and other requirements of the market.

One notable extra in nova 3, which is complimented with AI, is voice control. Users can launch the voice-assistant function, which can not only pull information but can also perform hands-free functions, such as opening an application or setting an alarm clock.In line with HUAWEI’s other devices, HUAWEI nova 3 has a better communication, especially when it is enhanced by AI. When in a noisy environment, HUAWEI nova 3 will use AI for ambient noise cancellation. This integrated function amplifies soft whispers and nullifies noisy backgrounds, transforming all calls to high quality conversations. Elevator mode is another option to augment your communication by making sure that your signal strength is swiftly achieved as soon as you get off an elevator are few other significant functions that provide convenience to the users.

Face ID facial recognition system in HUAWEI nova 3, with its front-facing camera, infrared light sensor and the AI capabilities is able to create a 3D map of a person’s face and use that to identify the person, which is used to log into the device and authenticate apps and services like online payment apps. This information is stored in the phone for power efficiency and security. In addition, Infrared light sensors aid the device to unlock even in dark providing convenience to the user

The AI features of nova 3 also holds sensitive information from HUAWEI’s Private Space feature, which allows users to have a separate account space on devices for work or other tasks that desire extra protection. When it comes to convenience in organizing your enormous amount of data, HUAWEI nova 3 allows smart organization and sharing of photos where artificial intelligence helps the user to find groups of photos with the same person, or an object.

Using the same 3D facial-mapping information, HUAWEI has introduced a fun filled feature; “Qmoji”, or animated avatars, which mimic a person’s motions and voice as a fun demonstration of what AI can do. The AI functions here to be as accurate as possible to a person’s true motions. Other entertainment features offered by HUAWEI nova 3 with its AI features include theme engine and party mode (sync music across multiple devices).

Consisting with a powerful Game Suite, HUAWEI Nova 3 brings a superior gaming experience. Also, a new GPU accelerating technology named GPU Turbo greatly improves the GPU performance and efficiency of the device when running PUBG MOBILE and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang(support for more games will arrive on a later date; feature available via HOTA updates). HUAWEI nova 3 also supports the Uninterrupted Gaming mode to block non-critical notifications, as well as a quick transition between Wi-Fi and 4G connection.

One of the main perks of having a phone infused with AI capabilities is its camera features, and HUAWEI nova 3 gratify the shutterbugs in a whole new level by offering four cameras that leverage machine learning (ML) algorithms to improve photography performance. The front camera introduces AI background scene recognition and has the ability to recognize age, gender and skin tone to capture perfect AI selfies and its features capture every facial and background detail. HUAWEI’s devices, which include the Kirin 970 AI chip mused with a brainy NPU including the latest device nova 3, have a function on the camera app that can identify an object in a photo and adjust the camera’s parameters to capture the ideal image.

Portrait mode is a trend with many smart phones in the market and portrait Mode on HUAWEI nova 3 have been hailed by many tech reviewers as one of the best iterations of the feature. The camera can identify people, food, text, animals, or a portrait.Pictures especially selfies, these days, are a self-expression mean of our confidence, our passion and even our courage. Therefore it’s no wonder why consumers are so enamored with the device.

To compliment the AI features of the camera the Huawei Nova 3 has a dual camera system on the front as well as on the back. On the back we have a 16MP f1.8 primary camera with 24MP f1.8 monochrome secondary camera. On the front is a 24MP f2.0 primary camera and 2MP depth sensor.

The interface of nova 3 is HUAWEI’s EMUI running atop Android 8.1. It feels swift and offers loads of customization, many display settings, options to hide the notch, motion/gesture control, knuckle gestures, one hand UI and multiple fingerprint gestures (touch & hold to take photos, answer calls & stop alarms, swipe down to show notifications, swipe left/right to browse photos, swipe down with three fingers for a screenshot), making the phone a device of absolute trend and convenience.

Overall, on looks and use, the HUAWEI Nova 3 certainly seems to be promising and is priced it at at Rs. 79,900. It is equipped with 6GB RAM and 128GB of storage. The Nova 3i is priced at Rs. 49,900 with a 4GB RAM and 128GB of storage. The Nova3 is available in Iris Purple, Red & Black while the Nova3i is available in Iris Purple, Pearl White &Black. Both devices come with a one year warranty and are available for consumers at all Huawei Experience Centres with Sri Lanka’s leading Smartphone marketer, Singer Sri Lanka PLC ensuring the availability of the nova3 series devices island wide.

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