Andarwewa Nature Resort Anuradhapura – Bliss of comfort in tandem with the tranquil of the wild

Posted On 11 May 2019
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Extricated from the hustle and bustle of city life and closely whispering with the comforts of dry zone breeze Andarawewa Nature Resort sits in the midst of a wild passing Nochchiyagama. Solely secluded from the rest of the world, this property is totally customized in a way it suits the pre requisites of ardent nature lovers and people who seek an eco-friendly setting to indulge in the ecstasy of being detached from the normal routine of life and be a part of nature. In fact, the resort awaits you on purpose of enjoying the solace of an idyllic and calm environment making sure that visitors get the real deal.

Located 14 km off to the sacred city of Anuradhapura, Andarawewa Nature Resort unfolds itself in the tranquil of a wild serving you the best luxury of nature. This place is ideal for families who goes on their pilgrimage to Anuradhapura as it is situated in close proximity to the city. This resort provides all the facilities spanning from 2 bedrooms, and villas for your convenience.

Furthermore, the beauty of this location can be highlighted as it is situated closer to Thanthirimale Temple and Wilpattu Nature Park. It serves both your purposes of visiting sacred sites and enjoying the wild life in the dry zone.

Navigating from the instant and oily food menu which can be commonly found in the city restaurants, Andarawewa Nature Resorts serves the dining table of its restaurant with truly local gastronomic choices that sits well with your palate.  In order to accommodate the dietary needs of their guests better, the host at Andarawewa Nature Resort would suggest letting them know what you would like to eat in advance.

Available with a very neat and tidy kitchen, the charming staff at Andarawewa Nature Resorts offers you all the facilities for people who come to the areas solely for pilgrimage purposes, by providing pilgrim with all the facilities to prepare necessary food items for ‘Buddha Pooja’.

In addition, guests also can enjoy cycling around the area which is adorned with rustic beauty.

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