Breakfast on the Go at Barista WTC

Posted On 18 Sep 2018
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Someone once said you need to have breakfast like a king, but they never probably anticipated how busy life would become. So much so that we often skip breakfast resulting in serious health issues. Not only does it affect your health but studies have also shown that the lack of breakfast seriously hampers your productivity as well.

Understanding all these complexities of life, Colombo’s favourite coffee house chain Barista is introducing a “Value Breakfast Meal” including a sandwich of your choice and a hot or cold beverage. The value meal is exclusively available at the newly refurbished Barista World Trade Centre outlet.

“The WTC outlet is based in the commercial hub of Colombo city with many offices not only just in the two towers but also in the surrounding area. We also have a lot of foreign nationals who work in the area who prefer to dine at internationally recognized chains. The value meal we have introduced is also affordable and comes with ample choices. We believe this would be a great way to get people to think seriously about their breakfast”, said Barista’s Chief Executive Officer AthulaYapa.

The sandwich range and beverages comes packed in easy to use and convenientpackaging which means you can also take-away the meal and enjoy it while to and from meetings. Priced at 460 rupees the value meal is also ideal on your purse.

Pol Sambol and Fried Egg with Cheese, Ham and Cheese with Mustard, Cheese and Tomato, Spicy Polos, and the latest additions of Devilled Sprats, Spicy Fish, Egg Salad and SeeniSambol are the choices of sandwiches while for beverages you can choose from Tea, Iced Latte, or Cappuccino.

The Barista WTC outlet is open from 7am till 7pm daily while the offer is on from 7am to 11am. For more information please call the outlet on 0112 332163.

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