The Stuarts and Co by The Steuart unveils its much awaited new menu

Posted On 30 Sep 2017
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17 exciting new dishesto take you on a culinary adventure around the world!

The Stuarts and&Co – the exclusive pub and restaurant of The Steuart by Citrus recently unveiled an exciting new menu with 17 exclusive dishes for a whole new experience. Catering mainly to western cuisine lovers since its inception two years ago, The Steuart sits in the elegant Dutch Hospital Precinct surrounded by the busiest corporate offices in Colombo and has become one of the most sought after dining destinations in the big city.

The Steuart’s &Co Pub and Restaurant has constantly sought new ways to please the taste buds of the connoisseurs who drop by for a relaxing meal in a cosy ambiance. As a custom the existing menu undergoes a transformation every four to six months, adding in tastes and flavours inspired from the west to the orient. After long deliberation and brainstorming, the chefs at &Co have decided to include 17 new dishes comprising 3 kinds of bites, 13 mains and one dessert.

Starters & desserts

Starters at &Co present an interesting combination of the finest Italian flavours wrapped in the ‘Italian Delight’ along with an infusion of Mediterranean delicacies discovered in the ‘Cold Mezze Platter’. The Italian Delight uses high grade ingredients such as the Buffalo Mozzarella and the Parma ham imported directly from Italy, and will be served with melon and tomatoes offering a rich blend of flavours.

As for desserts, the &Co has made yet another revolutionary change by placing three varieties of dessert choices on a single platter. According to Chef Panduka, The Steuart is popular for offering sizable dessert platters for its customers. But as majority of its customers are office employees from the neighbourhood, they prefer a quick luncheon and often overlook the desserts due to time constraints. Taking the matter into account Chef Panduka and his team of culinary experts have introduced the ‘Trio of Desserts’ – with a three in one option, appealing to more palettes. The new dessert menu will offer you with a heavenly combo of Tiramisu, Chocolate Mousse and Apple Tart.

The Mains

As for the Main dishes, &Co has prioritised on preserving its Scottish -British flavours while catering to the rising demands of traditional Sri Lankan flavours. Creating new trends in the gastronomic encounters, &Co presents its new menu serving ‘Vegetable Risotto’, ‘Traditional Sri Lankan Beef Curry’ and ‘Thai Me Up’. While the Risotto caters to veggie lovers, the traditional Sri Lankan Beef Curry satisfies the meat lovers seeking authentic taste in pork and beef curries outside their homes.  And for those craving for a spicy yet saucy noodle dish, ‘Thai Me Up’ is the ideal choice. Inspired by Mongolian flavours, Thai Me Up incorporates the Pad Thai noodle and comes in 4 distinct varieties such as Chicken, Beef, Pork and veggie. Customers can also request for a mixed option with the goodness of all flavours in one.

Bar Bites & Monster Burgers

Chef Panduka of The Steuart’s &Co Pub and Restaurant explained that ‘bites’ are essentially a Sri Lankan requisite whereas Europeans don’t usually consume bites with their drinks. In order to cater to the local cravings, &Co Pub has introduced 3 kinds of bites including Beef stew, Battered Oyster Mushrooms, and Marinated Chicken Skewers flaunting a Mediterranean touch.

The new addition of Monster Burger to the Menu was all due to the immense popularity the dish earned when it was first introduced few months ago in a challenge. The Monster Burger Challenge required the contestant to finish this gigantic burger within one hour, and the price will be waived for the winner. Best of all the new menu continues the challenge and offers this massive succulent burger all for free to anyone who can race against the clock and savour the jumbo delight.

“With my experience for the last two years we are aware of the menus sought by our customers. Whenever we want to add a new dish, we first introduce it as a special and according to how popular it becomes we further fine tune it and add it to the menu. Our customers prefer the longstanding dishes lamprais, rice and curry and noodles. So while maintaining the classic dishes we try to bring in flavours inspired from different parts of the worlds. And I would like to invite you to come and enjoy these eclectic dishes and feel the difference,” Chef Panduka concluded.

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