SLIM Gamata Marketing continues training in partnership with SABAH

Posted On 30 Oct 2020
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Dr. Premasiri Gamage

Dr. Premasiri Gamage

Gamata Marketing, a brainchild of SLIM which was initiated to expand the marketing horizons of Sri Lanka, resumed its first trainings in collaboration with SABAH at Mahara Divisional Secretariat Office and Kaduwela Divisional Secretariat office. All those with an ambition to further strengthen their existing businesses or start up new businesses in the Mahara region were welcome for the training.

Many aspiring entrepreneurs ranging from youth to elderly individuals participated in the training session. Adhering to the rules and regulations of post-COVID-19, the training was extended to groups of 100 participants each.

Gamata Marketing training focuses on empowering the rural entrepreneurs of the country and guiding them on the path of successful entrepreneurship.  This initiative intends to provide more entrepreneurial opportunities for talented and aspiring entrepreneurs and to uplift the economy of the country.

Gamata Marketing training provides valuable knowledge inspiration and motivation to encourage both the young and old to navigate the entrepreneurial route which are most profitable for owners as well as communities. The training entails different aspects of marketing which includes but is not only limited to branding, pricing strategies, essence of new marketing matrix and promotion strategies, but further stimulates skills and alter the thinking patterns of successful entrepreneurs.

Speaking at the event, Mr. Roshan Fernando, President of SLIM, stated, “As the national body for Marketing in the country, SLIM is fulfilling the national responsibility to assist local entrepreneurs to establish their own sustainable brands. It is through the development of start-ups that the country will witness progress. This initiative would help local SMEs’ to advance to the next level by streamlining their focus, skills and orientation towards providing customer-oriented product offerings. This project would also bridge the gap between rural and urban marketers, and open up new avenues and opportunities for aspiring marketers.

Dr. Premasiri Gamage – President of SABAH noted the significance of this campaign and said, “The Gamata Marketing training sessions conducted in collaboration with SLIM provide a source to impart knowledge and uplift small and medium scale businesses. Through these valuable programmes we aim to empower these small players in the market, who in reality play a big role in strengthening the national economy, with essential knowledge on marketing and product development to cater to the market needs. I would like to extend my gratitude to Dr Dilhan, Project chair for Gamata Marketing, President of SLIM and the entire RSL team for initiating this programme.”

Dr. Dilhan Jayatilleke, Project chair for Gamata Marketing, acknowledged the contribution of the campaign stating, “As this pandemic continues to impact our daily lives, there are major opportunities for existing brands as well as start-ups to leverage either a short-term or long-term opportunities. In collaboration with SABAH, SLIM is determined to empower these grass root entrepreneurs as we are sure that this pandemic will spawn some great start-ups including a host of new products and services. I would also like to thank Dr. Premasiri Gamage – President of SABAH and Mr. Roshan Fernando –President of SLIM, for their immense contribution in making this session a success”.

As an advocate for marketing in Sri Lanka, SLIM believes in enhancing the marketing industry in the country by promoting the marketing philosophy among the new entrepreneurs throughout the island. The Gamata Marketing training sessions will encourage and empower small and medium entrepreneurs and boost the economy of the country.

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